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Richard, USA

I am 69′ my son served in the first gulf war, my daughter is an RN in cardiac care. I retired from writing contracts for government agencies at 53. My bride of 41 yrs, passed I 2009. Hobbies, firearms and knives. I sharpen by hand for free as it is a zen thing for me. […]

June 20, 2012

Sarah, Tunisia

Hi, I teach french in Tunisia  Do you really think that you have the right to kill people and call it self defense? Do you find normal that you have the right to fight for your survival but when it’s another that makes the same thing so you call it terrorism? I do not accept that […]

June 20, 2012

Max, Sweden

I am a 20 year old Swede currently studying Peace and Conflict studies at Lund University. Aspires to become an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. My hobbies are to name a few: history, politics, training, video/computer games. Do you think that the Arab spring is a good thing for Israel short-term/long-term? What is your […]

June 19, 2012

Sheila, USA

I’m a Christian with a heart for Israel. I take seriously what God said in Genesis 12:3 in our Bible. I pray for Israel’s safety, and for the safety of her people. I belong to a Cowboy Church that sent greetings to Israel last year in May via ustream video. I live on a farm […]

June 19, 2012

Kelly, USA

I am a mother of 4 children-3 boys and 1 girl. One is married and 3 in college. I love Israel and I pray for the peace of Israel. I have never been there- but would love to!! I live in Indiana, USA. Do you have close friendships with any palestians? Does Isreal know what […]

June 18, 2012

Saed, Palestine

Palestinian student lives in hebron Why do you serve in a Palestinian territories? and knowing all what you and another soldiers did ! do you still consider your self as a human being? Why do you have checkpoints between our cities? Why I am not allowed to be in jerusalem ? and why do you […]

June 18, 2012

Khaled, Kuwait

I hold a finance degree and I currently work for Kuwait Foreign investment Bureau. Politically I’m non-conformist- I have my own ideas; religiously- I will defer arguing about my convictions- to theist- till after death! I am an atheist. I am an avid reader and in love with all kinds of Art. Finally, i do […]

February 4, 2012

Brittney, USA

My name is brittney and am 25 years old and i am from texas. and i work at wal mart. and i am looking to make new friends and meet new people. and too have pen pals like ya’ll to talk to and get too know becuase i know ya’ll dont get too hear from […]

January 22, 2012

Lorelle, Israel

Hi Ami, My name is Lorelle. I am a student at the IDC in Hertziliya. I made aliya alone from South Africa. I received my Tzav Rishon from the army and I wanted to know how and if the army has a social and personal affect on someone’s life. In other words can it create […]

January 2, 2012

Emily, USA

I’m a student in Washington DC. What would you do if you were a Palestinian in Gaza? Hello Emily, Your question is very general. I will answer the question assuming you mean something along the lines of ‘do I see their side of the story?’ and if this is not what you  intended please rephrase […]

December 19, 2011

Joseph, Egypt

Dear Ami, I am male, 22 years old. Mechanical Engineering graduate. Proficient in English, speaks some German. Coptic Christian. Your description says you served in Cast Lead. I would like to know how you were able to keep it strictly professional. As a Christian, being persecuted by terrorists is a fundamental part of my life, […]

December 19, 2011

Rhonda, USA

Dear Ami, I don’t believe that you and I have been in touch before so shalom from a perfect stranger. I am a regular on this site. I had planned to send this New Year’s greeting out to everyone nearer to Rosh Hashanah, but with things being what they are, and especially this coming week, […]

December 19, 2011

Hadi, Lebanon

Fighters in Allah Hanb Do you fight in the next war in Lebanon? Hadi, Whether or not I fight in the next war Israel faces depends on when it happens and if I will get called up. If I am called on, I will very proudly do my role to defend Israel. However, I really […]

December 19, 2011

Mimogree, Egypt

I do not hate you , but I hate horror published by israeil. Do you love it?  Hello Mimogree, I am glad that you do not hate me, I don’t hate you either. Hate can be a very dangerous and counterproductive feeling to harbor. That said, I am not entirely sure what you mean by […]

November 22, 2011

Abood, Yemen

DID YOU KILL ANY UN-ARMED PERSON? DID YOU KILL ANY KIDS OR WOMEN? Hello Abood, While in the army, I personally didn’t kill anyone. The IDF is not about killing people, it is about defending Israel from enemies. Israel is a democracy and it’s army is embedded with morals and a code of ethics. We attempt to avoid […]

November 22, 2011

Palestine, Jordan

I’m a beautiful young lady, my name is Palestine. I have 4 kids, their names are Nakba born in 1948 ,Naksa born in 1967, Intifada born in 1987 & Thawra born in 2000. I’m an orphan. My dad’s name is Arab, he repudiated me since little. My mom’s name is El Sham. I have 23 […]

October 31, 2011

Adoniah, USA

Shalom Ami, I served in the US Navy for 4 years in Rota Spain. I traveled all over Europe and N.Africa, but never made it to Israel. I too love camping and I used to run marathons…I broke my back which put a stop to that. I jumped out of airplanes too…we do things in […]

October 27, 2011

Ayisha, UK

I am a student who loves to learn and always dedicated in fighting for truth and justice. At the moment writing a report on the extent to which Israel should be charged for war crimes with its role in Operation Cast Lead.And would be grateful if you could answer these questions – Do you believe […]

October 27, 2011

Durre, United Kingdom

What’s it like being in the soldier? Do you have any interesting experience thet you want to share with? Have you ever killed any palestinian throughout your career? To Durre, Being a soldier is a hard thing to describe to someone who has never been. There is obviously the routine and the rules, which is […]

September 11, 2011

Shira, Israel

Please comment on the growing influence of religious right, and specifically of religious dept. in IDF, esp. w/ respect to settlements. I understand that there are certain units which will not be called up to evacuate settlements based on their beliefs and the very good chance they will refuse orders. Please comment on the presence […]

September 11, 2011
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