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Jordan, Philippines

I’m JORDAN from Philippines, looking a friend to be my chatmate at friend a soldier’s site. a friend’s attitudes looking for are humble,kind, believing in God,lovely,friendly & honest in everything. I’m a friendly, lovely person. I’m a newly on this site at friend a soldier let me know on what are the purposes on this […]

July 17, 2012

Rachel, Ethiopia

Hi, Im an ethiopian girl who will be serving the IDF soon, in about a year. What kind of jobs are there which are non-combat and i can get into with strong english language skills and poor hebrew skills? What is the average of working hours a day? Do we get holidays? and if not, […]

June 17, 2012

Michael, USA

Shalom Hamutal, I am a semi-retired teacher of art. I am Jewish on my father’s side and therefore cannot make aliyah.. I LOVE Israel and her people and long to live there one day. I am praying always for the shalom of Yerushalyim! Like you I love the arts, especially clay. I have worked wit […]

May 20, 2012

Susan, USA

Hi, I am a Christian who loves Israel. I am a former school teacher as well but I currently work in a hospital. The recession has hit us hard in the US. If you are a religious person how do you view the current situation in Israel? In light of biblical prophecy what do you […]

May 15, 2012

Ray, USA

Hi, I’m Retired Alabama Army National Guard Combat Medic. Christian supporter of Israel and big fan of the IDF. Please tell me how you deal with the constant stress of being on the front lines of so much hate in Jerusalem. Does women in the IDF go through the same training as the men? Does […]

April 23, 2012

Joan, USA

Hi, I am a retired American nurse. I have been to visit Israel 4 times in the last 12 years. I LOVE Israel and her people. I have only good things to say about the IDF and I thank G-d for all Israeli soldiers who do what they must do to protect their people and […]

April 23, 2012

Valerie, Canada

Hi, I’m a mother of three and a grandmother of eight. I will be arriving in Tel Aviv for a 12 day visit of Israel. I am assuming I will be very safe. Will I be? Or will I see some of the difficulties that you live with on a daily basis? Praying for the […]

April 16, 2012

Julian, USA

Hi, What are the most difficult questions you deal with? Dear Julian, I think the most difficult questions I deal with are ones where I can feel the writer’s resentment within the question. I know that often people who write me assume that all Israelis support the occupation, but for me, being asked a question, […]

April 5, 2012

Mohammed, Egypt

Hi, Do You have the right to stay on Palestinian land ؟؟ If u have that .. i wanna see map to Israel before 1948 ? Mohammed Hi Mohammed, No, I don’t think we have the right to stay on Palestinian land. Saying that, I feel it is important to also say that we need […]

April 5, 2012

Marcus, USA

Hi. I am a researcher from the State University of New York at Albany, and I’m currently working on a PhD dissertation about military ethics in the IDF, the American Army, and the British Army. My main goal is to understand the kinds of ethical challenges soldiers from each military encounter and how they solve […]

April 5, 2012

Irv, USA

Hi, I’m a US Army veteran. I enlisted in the US Army in the early 50s during the Korean War. I’m also a veteran of the Israeli Army, which I enlisted in at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War in October of 1973. They accepted me imediatly when they found out I was trained […]

February 16, 2012

Colette, South Africa

Hi, I am a South African woman with an extreme love for the nation and people of Israel. After some time of waiting I am now finally realising my dream to volunteer for Sar-El. This is my way of showing my love for Israel in a practical way. Can you tell me a little about […]

February 15, 2012

Laura, Canada

I am a 63 yr old mother of 4 and grandmother of 7. You look about the same age as my children. Unlike you, they live in a safe country, Canada. How I pray for the peace of Jeresulem! It seems that the peace of the whole world is wrapped up with Israel. First of […]

January 22, 2012

Patrick, Kenya

I  Am an accountant living in a small town in Kenya For a soldier And a career teacher , why venture into the glass industry instead of modelling your extra curricular activities in line with being a soldier and a teacher Patrick Hi Patrick, I am not a soldier anymore. I was a soldier for […]

January 14, 2012

Christine, USA

Shalom Hamutal, I am a native Californian. Born in the “Good-Old-U.S. of A.”(America) I am A 38 year old wife & mother of two, (girl & boy) I am a stay at home mom but I share your love of art and sometimes get to use my talent to bless others, which is a joy […]

January 2, 2012

Lou, USA

Hi, I was born in the US, lived in Israel for 11 years & served in a combat unit in the IDF for 3 years. I now work in the US in the field of Counter Terrorism. I am proud of having served in the IDF and feel that the IDF, although not perfect is […]

December 29, 2011

Sandi, USA

Hi, I am a married mother of 2 grown boys. Love to bake, travel and read also. I made an awesome Keylime cake Yesterday for Christmas. It is a Trisha Yearwood recipe that is in her book. I would love to visit Israel but have to get over my fear of flying first. J Hope […]

December 29, 2011

Yonatan, Israel

Hi, I live in Tel Aviv. I am a professional Hebrew to English translator and I run an online newsletter called Sartaba. How do you feel about the Palestinian Authority’s decision to integrate Hamas and Islamic Jihad into the ranks of the Palestinian Authority? Yonatan Dear Yonatan, I can’t say I’m thrilled about Hamas and […]

December 29, 2011

Midou, Tunisia

Hi, My name is Midou, I’m an honest  men love peace. did you belive that both of palestinian and isarelian can leave together in peace ??? what your ideas about tunisia after the revolution ??? i think its bettere to stop warre there is many shildrens have the right to live normal we need to […]

December 19, 2011

David, South Africa

Hi, My name is David; I’m handsome, cool, like to care. do you turn to religion for guidence did u look at the example of white South african soliders post 1994 (english and afrikaaner’S) who were in ur situation in dealing with stress did you read the book long walk to freedom by nelson mandala […]

December 8, 2011
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