Ken, Virgin Islands

I am an american citizen, born and raised in Arkansas, now living, 16 years, on the island, St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. I am an activist for, and volunteer for Israel and the IDF. I love Israel. That being said, I work in an Irish pub part-time, and I […]

December 17, 2012

Robert, Uganda

I am male medical nurse from uganda. I would like to befriend you so that we can chat and share experiences. How did you become a solider? I would like to know how i can become one from a foreign country? Would you wish to visit Uganda? Robert, Thanks for your questions! I decided to […]

July 14, 2012

Rich, USA

Hip hop, amazing! I’m 69 so I sort of flew past that since I was born without any sense of rythem. Or spelling. Well, I don’t need to ask, but what prompted you to do the move? Well, I can see that because it is fast becoming the nation of such innovation and creativity. One […]

July 9, 2012

Abdo, Egypt

 لا اعرف الحديث بالانجليزية انا احب ان يعيش الجميع فى سلام اعرف انكم تريدون العيش فى سلام ونحن ايضا يجب ان نتبادل الافكار لكى يعيش كل شعوب المنطقة بلا كراهية ولا شعور بالغضب من طرف لاخر يجب ان نسعى جاهدين للعمل على انه عندما نقول دولة اسرائيل كاننا نقول كلمة الامارات او الاردن او كانى […]

June 21, 2012

Thank you!

We would like to thank our generous donors for their support of the project over the past years.