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Allan, UK

39, ex-English teacher, work for a church. Atheist until 19, then a Christian. Would love to correspond with an Israeli about Y’shua! I appreciate this might be a minority interest in the IDF so please feel free to pass my details along to someone who would like to talk theology with a reasonably normal Christian. […]

December 1, 2011

Abu Faris, Egypt

I am a UK teacher, presently working in Egypt. I have previously worked in Colombia, Morocco, Tajikistan, Sudan and China. I trained in London and when I am in UK I work in the most deprived inner-city areas. I arrived in Egypt two days before the 25 January Revolution this year. I was living in […]

December 1, 2011

Ghofran, Tunisia

do u think that u r a human or a war criminal ???? how many Palestine people u kill every day and are u enjoy for killing and torturer the Palestine kids? what do u think about crimes done by the settler against the Palestine civil??? free palestine :p Ghofran, Thanks for your questions. I […]

November 14, 2011

Chris, UK

Hello Zack,  I’m a British infantryman who is leaving the service to emigrate to Canada. I’ve served in Bosnia, two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan where I was wounded. My time in the armed forces is coming to and end this month. I was wondering what your experience was like leaving the IDF, I see […]

October 9, 2011

Brannen, Australia

Shalom Zack, I had a number of questions for you, although I have asked so many similar questions that now i find the best answers from what someone would rather see fit to tell me as opposed to simply answering my specific query on a topic. So, you made aliyah? Good for you! Tell me […]

September 5, 2011

Chris, Germany

What is Israel? According to self-definition a Jewish state. Of course, Israel is a liberal, democratic state that guarantees freedom of religion. But freedom of religion in a Jewish state? What is a Jewish state? A state in which the majority of the population is by definition jewish. Who is a Jew? That’s the question. […]

July 20, 2011

John, UK

I was just wondering whether there is some resentment in the army generally about having to put resource into protecting such settlement, particulaly among the more secular members. All the best, John John, Thanks for your question. You raise an interesting point. One would think there would be a lot of resentment by the soldiers […]

July 20, 2011

Anna, Poland

What do you think about Israelis who immigrate to Europe/other countries in order to avoid the army? Is it true that the Israeli army trains you to sleep with your eyes open? Thanks for your great questions. Israel’s army is one of conscription. Everyone is supposed to join the army and do their part and […]

July 20, 2011

Elie, France

Id like to know more about the wage for an IDF Soldier. Could you help me ? Elie, Thanks for your question. Israel’s army, being an army of conscription does not pay much generally. The standard wage for a soldier who is not a combat soldier is around 350 shekels a month. This is obviously […]

June 23, 2011

Iman, Jordan

Do you have a heart? Do you have Feeling ? How can you sleep and you know you’re a killer? Iman, Thanks for your questions. Just to start off, I don’t agree with your grouping of all Israelis as heartless killers. Israelis are very compassionate people who are fighting for their right to exist. As […]

June 23, 2011

Chris, USA

In middle Eastern studies is it present or is it History? Shalom. Chris Hi Chris, Middle eastern studies is a combination of studying the past of the region and the present. It also includes studying one of the languages of the region (Arabic, Farsi, etc.) Thanks for your question. Best of luck. Zack

June 23, 2011

Mayank, India

How are you people so well qualified to counter terrorist activities? How can indians collaborate with us that we seriously counter threat of china and paksitan? how I can make contribution to israeli defence forces? Mayank, Thanks for your great questions. The Indian and Israeli people’s must stand together in the face of terrorism. I […]

June 23, 2011

James, Australia

I’m not Jewish, but let’s just say that I wanted to move to Israel to live there because I’m bored of where I live. I also only know a tiny bit of Hebrew. How hard would it be for me to get some unskilled job to earn enough to live off, and live there whilst […]

June 22, 2011

Nadeema, South Africa

In South Africa it is almost impossible to look at the conflict there without drawing numerous comparisons with Apartheid. Ideologically the motives are different (racism as opposed to Israel’s declaration of a right to exist). But practically the similarities are there. Historically we know that people will never choose to be oppressed & oppression is […]

May 30, 2011

Vedya, Turkey

My main question is a general wondering. Why be a soldier? What drives a person to take this road? To you, is killing someone – a civilian or an enemy soldier- while in war different than killing whilst not and if so, how? Thanks for you great questions. After I answer your questions, if you […]

May 17, 2011

Marcia, USA

How can American Jews, and all Jews around the world, help, other than purchasing goods from Israel, if G-d forbid she is attacked, what can we do? Would coming to Israel to help be a wise move for all involved? What made you want to remain and join IDF rather than the US infantry? Do […]

April 28, 2011

Eddie, UK

I think joining the IDF is the right thing for me and it would fulfil me, do you have any advice on how to join? my grasp of Hebrew is fairly poor, i have researched ulpans. do you know anything about them and would you recommend them if so? Eddie, Thanks for your question. I […]

April 28, 2011

Leslie, Canada

Leslie, Canada Something I’ve wondered about is, are you afraid when you know you must go in and face terrorists up close? We appreciate all of the soldiers fighting on the front line for all of us. Leslie, Thanks for your great question. I have always wanted to visit British Columbia, I have heard it […]

April 23, 2011

Ruth, UK

What made you decide to make aliyah? Have you any regrets about your decision? What do you plan to do after you finish your studies? Thanks for your great questions. In my junior year of high school, I took part in a semester long program on a kibbutz. Part of the program was my regular […]

April 16, 2011

Simon, Germany

We will go to Hebron and meet there someone from “breaking the silence”. I have a image of the IDF as being very morally and thoughtful, trying to keep damage from civilians. So it is a little bit difficult to understand for me, what I heard about “breaking the silence”. What can you say about […]

April 16, 2011
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