Uria, Netherlands

March 15, 2011

In retrospect, would you say that Sharon’s disengagement plan – in which you participated – was a worthy initiative? Was it worth all the effort? Why yes/no/something else?

Hi Uria,

The question you have asked is still hotly debated in Israeli civil society, given the violent response we received from the Gazans in the years following the disengagement.  I did participate in evacuating my fellow citizens in different settlements throughout the strip, many of them devoted hardworking Israeli citizens. That being said, I personally believe that disengaging from Gaza in general was the proper thing to do.  I do not believe Israel had a future in Gaza, and the amount of expenditure going in to defense draining the country. Pulling out also improved Israel’s image on the world stage as a nation that desperately wants peace, and the images of Israelis evacuating their fellow citizens proved that. That being said, my opinion on HOW it was done is different. I believe that Israel should have perhaps disengaged from Gaza, in a less unilateral fashion. Because we just completely disengaged, the Gaza border with Egypt became a weapons highway for terror groups. In addition, Hamas was seen in Gaza as responsible for the ousting of Israeli forces, and their popularity rose, eventually allowing them to get elected.



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