Mark, USA

April 3, 2011

Live in CH, have served in IDF as doc in combat unit, was in Lebanon, Gaza, territories. My son is now in combat eng. unit (tironut), chajal boded because his parents(us) moved to CH

I am happy my son is in the army. I am not so sure that the army is using his really qualities. Same as in my time :) Here the question: do you think that there will be in the year 2011 a military conflict with Iran?

any chance to get out of the terretories?

Hi mark

I was also a chiyal boded. If i may ask which g’dud is he in? I feel your son’s pain. I remember my days in that awful base. Actually voted as one of the worst tiranut bases in all of Israel. Quite an honor to go through winter terinut there, it really makes a man. =P . Regarding your question, it’s very difficult to say or even make an educated guess at it. Whilst i do believe Israel does everything in its power to avoid such a situation there is no telling what this year’s trials may bare. If there was an Iranian escalation it would bare dire consequences globally and would probably initiate world war three. Baring this in mind i believe that both sides of the axis are highly avoidant of such an outcome. Let us pray that there isn’t. but if there is, there’s a good chance i may end up meeting your son on the battlefield, as romantic as I’ve phrased this i would prefer the current status quo.

Regarding your second question, the territories bare a difficult situation. There is too much decention amongst the Palestinians themselves to create a foreseeable withdrawal plan. Take a look at the Gaza withdrawal in 2005 which was seen as the acid test for a pull out in the west bank. Israel was prepared to deal with Fatah, but with the coup in Gaza in 2007 and the forced mono-synchronized elections Hamas came into power and began its rocket attacks on Israel. In my mind we gave them what they wanted and did so intelligently with the plan of doing it bit by bit and Hamas began a Jihadic war against us none the less. Until Palestinians can truly unite under one nonviolent emblem of piece with the sole objective of obtaining peace and co-existence it would be foolish for Israel to give them the benefit of the insurmountable doubt. It would be irresponsible for the Israeli government to even consider a pull out regarding the current political status quo of the territories, and would not only endanger the Israeli peripheral towns but also endanger the lives of the Palestinian civilians that would be caught up in the ensuing civil war

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