Sergio, USA

April 3, 2011

Diploma in Contemporary History at UCLA 45 years of Jewish learning Security experience

Do you believe it is correct to endanger your own life or the lives of the soldiers under your command to spare the lives of civilians on the enemy’s side?

If you do, do you think that it is a Jewish concept or one that pushes to the extreme the Xtian concept (a distortion of a Torah concept) of “love your enemy”, and is not even practiced by the Xtians themselves when in war

Hi Sergio

Thanks for your question. It’s a hard one, and i will try and answer it with as much blatant honesty as i can. It’s a difficult situation. You don’t see who the “terrorist” is until its often dangerously late. First and foremost i believe in protecting the men with me, we all do. We are brothers and will do anything to ensure each other’s safety. The IDF has strict protocols regarding engagement and at many a time followed through on these to dangerous levels which have left our soldiers in difficult situations. The second Lebanon war had this very problem. you must understand that sometimes defining enemies and civilians is a dangerous tight rope when engaging in combat situations in such urban areas> This is something Hamas is quite well aware of and use these anti-humanitarian urban guerilla tactics to ensure maximized casualty incursion rates, which are used as weapons by Hamas to fight in a global media battle field.

We can only guarantee so much responsible protection of their civilians; it would be real nice if Hamas shared the same sentiment for at least their own citizens.

I hope this clarifies things. If you have anything else to ask feel free>

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