Imran, Germany

April 3, 2011

I am an Ahmadi Muslim, living in Germany.

While you where in combat and after that, did you feel yourself getting colder insight or do you have more hate after it against Muslims?

The base of the question is the movie “Muenich” from Steven Spielberg, where he shows, that people get changed insight. Did this affect you also ?

Hi Imran, thanks for your question. My answer is no. my father taught me not to judge a man on the basis of his creed but on the basis of his merit. I have met many amazing Muslims, very tranquil and honest people. Our objective in the army is not kill Muslims, but to protect Israelis, be they Jewish, Arab or of any creed for that matter. In the west bank soldiers protect Palestinians from right wing Jewish settlers and vice versa. I believe that one needs to be objective with their thought paradigms. Being influenced by isolated experiences changes an intellectual perspective into an emotionally subjective one.


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