Teresa, Honduras

April 3, 2011

I am a USA citizen living in Honduras working with the poor… Last year I gave away 1,100 wheelchairs…

I am really concerned about all the upheaval in the countries that surround Israel… Do you think that Israel will be at more risk with all this turmoil going on?

Which country around you is the most dangerous? Why?

If there was any single prayer which I could pray for Israel other than for the peace of Israel, what is the most urgent prayer need? What does Israel need from G….?

Hi Teresa

Thank you for your question. I do feel that the situation occurring around us is a rather volatile one. One which unfortunately does threaten a relatively peaceful status quo with in Israel. I must admit that just by this admittion I feel rather conflicted. This personal dilemma entails deep seated questioning of my own moral reasoning. Simply Egypt’s previous political arrangement suited Israel better. The Mubarak regime provided a comfortable status quo between Israel and Egypt. Now who knows how future diplomacy between the two countries will pan out? I feel flawed in my response as it means that I prefer an authoritarian regime in Egypt in order to maintain my own comfortable environment, thus in this realization I applaud the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan protestors. Although their freedom may threaten my own, I regardless I wish them good will, maybe they may not choose aggressive state policies towards Israel. But again it all depends on how the dice falls.

I do believe the internal political structure of Egypt is the most influential on Israel, as there have been many ties forged between the Mubarak government and Israel through the years, such as gas pipelines and other raw materials the two countries rely on each other for. I believe the political status’ of the other countries in concern play’s less of an effect on Israel as there have no pre-installed economic or diplomatic ties with each other.

Well in all honesty I am not an overtly religious person, so I could not honestly advise you in that field. But on a personal level, I would pray a prayer from the soul. One from your own heart. One that will speak your heart. I think this is the most special type of prayer.

I hope this was helpful.

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Thank you!

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