Cynthia, USA

April 3, 2011

I am a (US) prior service soldier (reserve & regular). Our military steers women toward clerical & med (or they did when I was in), but I always liked being in the field more. I am a diver but the recession has put a lid on much of that for a while.

I read the news and I see stories about Palestinians sending their mentally ill over to break the barrier (thinking they will be shot by IDF). I also see (in the movie Precious Life) the attitude that “it doesn’t matter if the child dies, if we get the land, because the land is more important and we will die for it”. Do you ever become discouraged in the face of what might be constant criticism (although unwarranted, it seems)?

Hi Cynthia

Thanks for your question. Um, no i don’t feel discouraged. This is primarily because i believe in what we do. We are a defense force not a military like the US marine’s or Britain’s SAS. The only recent time Israeli soldiers have left Israeli borders under military command was to lend a hand during the Haitian crises. We are as the name says, the Israeli Defense Force. It’s too easy to sit in a comfortable arm chair glued to CNN or Al Jazeera from the comfort of your own Home (not yours but the Hypothetical others) and claim to have an objective opinion of the situation. For this very reason i came here. And after learning for myself the true realities of both sides first hand i choose my path. What others have to say about us doesn’t concern me, it’s simply what i can do to change these perspectives and do so whilst protecting what i feel is right.
I hope this answers your question

If you have any others please feel free to ask.


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