Kline, USA

May 11, 2011

First of all I would like to say G-d Bless you and the work that you do, I am very proud of you and I pray for the IDF as well as the State of Israel every night. My wife and I are members of CUFI(Christians United for Israel), and would describe ourselves as Christan Zionists, we love Israel because the Bible commands us to, and we pray for the Jewish homeland of Israel because the Bible commands us to as well. That land was given to you by the L–rd 1,200 years ago by covenant and will never be taken away.

Do the Jewish people as a whole recognize how much Christians support and love the State of Israel? The Church my wife and I attend here in San Antonio,Texas is a fervent supporter of Israel and we donate millions of dollars every year for Jewish causes. What can me and my wife do to support the IDF?


Thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to visit the site.

In answer to your question, yes I do believe that Israelis realize how much CUFI and some Christians do support Israel. You and your wife can continue to do what you have been doing. If you feel the need to do more there are many different options available, may I suggest you look here or here, these two organizations may be of interest to you.

I hope you have found my answers informative and helpful, if you have any further questions feel free to contact myself or any of the other soldiers through the site and check out our archive as many of your questions may have already been answered.


Mr. Jonah thank you for such a quick response I pray that the L–rd sends angels on special assignment to protect you and your fellow soldiers!!

Jonah I read that you are a fan of BJJ, do you follow boxing as well? Dimitry Salita and Yuri(Jewish Boxers) Foreman are very good boxers although they lost recently to some very tough opponents. Dimitry lost to Amir Khan in a fight that should not have been stopped so soon, yes he was knocked down a couple of times but was never seriously hurt. Yuri Foreman was actually a world champion until he lost to Miguel Cotto after his knee went out but he showed alot of heart and chose to keep on fighting despite his injury. I’m Mexican American so I follow boxing very closely.

Jonah why are Jewish people so secular and liberal? What I mean by that is so many claim their Jewish heritage but don’t adhere to the principles of the Torah i.e. same sex marriage, abortion etc. Jews here in America are overwhelmingly liberal and the majority of them voted for Barack Obama despite his alliances and attitudes towards issues such as Israeli settlements, dividing Jerusalem, or the Church he attended for 20 years where the Pastor Jeremiah Wright is a fervent anti semetic. It just baffles me!!


Great to hear from you again.

I do not really follow boxing.  I train BJJ and follow the UFC.  I do like boxing and will watch it when I can but I do not go out of my way to watch the fights.  I will see if I can find the fights you mentioned online because I am always interested in seeing a good fight.

As far as your second question goes it is a little more complex than how you present it.  In Judaism you are allowed to have an abortion given certain circumstances and women are allowed to use contraception.  There is a Jewish tale that is told by the Rabbis where a man approaches his Rabbi and asks him whether God would prefer that a man believes in him but does not follow any of the commandments or that a man not believe in God yet follow the commandments.  The Rabbi consults with other Rabbis and eventually God comes to them and gives them the answer that he would rather have a man follow the commandments than believe in God because through the commandments you will lead a good and fruitful life that will benefit all of humanity.

As far as American Jews are concerned I cannot comment on how or why they vote the way they do.  That being said President Obama’s stance on the settlements and Jerusalem has been the American position for years and is not anything unique to the Obama Administration.  What is unique is that the Obama Administration has been very vocal and public about its policies regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue.  One of the things that Judaism also teaches us is that you should be tolerant of others.  Many Jews, in my opinion, see the religious right and the ‘Moral Majority’ as intolerant  towards other peoples beliefs and religions which goes against the teachings of Judaism.  Another reason for the liberal voting patterns of American Jews, again in my opinion, is that America is one of the few countries that has accepted Jews without prejudice and they see the prejudice and hate in the ‘Moral Majority’ and religious right that they have been trying to escape for centuries.   This is in part do to the European roots of most of American Jewery which put social change and  liberal ideals at the forefront of society.  One of the reasons why Judaism has lasted as a religion and a culture for as long as it has is because of its ability to adapt to the times and the idea that the theological and Rabbinical debate and discussion is continuing to this day.  This is even true in Orthodox Judaism to an extent, but is prevalent in Conservative and Reform Judaism where the Rabbis still have the authority to reinterpret and expound upon the laws set forth in the Torah and the Talmud, and to have them make sense in the modern world. Rabbi Steven Greenberg is a good example of some one who comes from the Orthodox fold trying to reconcile the modern world with Orthodox Judaism.  Another great example, and one of my personal heroes, is Rabbi Dr Abraham Joshua Heschel, a  leader of American Jewry, a civil rights activist, and a survivor of Nazi persecution having been deported from Frankfurt to Warsaw by the Gestapo and then escaping to London in 1938.  He was one of the leaders of the Conservative movement during the 1950s and 60s and marched with Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  I think the history of American Jewery has been that of a politically liberal and tolerant nature which puts human rights and dignity first and also puts an emphasis on how to make religion and religiosity a personal choice that is compatible with the modern world.

I hope you have found my answers satisfactory and informative.  If you would like further clarification on anything please feel free to contact me through the site.  Also, you may be interested in talking to Josh, he is a big fight sports fan and loves discussing them.


Tractor Trailer Driver by day full time college student at night.

I Pray that all is well with you my brother. I appreciate your response time. I regards to what you wrote back I would have to say I can see the view point you wrote about. Elie Wiesel the American Jewish renowned author and Holocaust survivor spoke at our church last year and said some of the same sentiments. He recalled while as a young child how the Cross disturbed him and how when he was young would go out of his way to avoid passing by a church in Germany. But he said he recognizes friends of Israel and the Jewish people and how it brings him great joy to see the emerging alliance of Jews and Christians(Evangelicals) . I realize that there is an ignorance among some Christians whom hold Jews responsible for the death of Christ, but thats exactly what they are, ignorant. It was the Romans that did that to him and only a select few of Jews that persecuted him, not Jews as a whole. Am I to have ill feelings towards Jews becaue of that, of course not!! Jesus is Jewish and so were all of his disciples and every prophet of the Bible, Old and New. The Bible was written by Jewish hands and without them there would be no Bible. I believe very strongly when the Bible says in regards to Israel, “I will bless those whom bless you and curse those whom curse you. I believe in tolerance as well but not to the point of ignorance, when someone says they want to,”kill me” I’m going to take them at their word and believe them. I’m referring to radical Islamists, and I know the problem they pose to Christians and Jews and even to Muslims themselves because they are victims as well when they murder. My brother is a Sgt. in the Army and is fixing to go back to Afghanistan for his 2nd tour I ask that you pray for him. G-d Bless B safe, I’m gonna friend Josh and talk to him about sports just as long as he is not gay!! Ha ha j/k

My proffesor and I had a dialouge in class in regards to the 10 commandments. He said it says, “Thall shalt not kill”, and I told him he is wrong, correct translation is, “Thall shalt not murder”. Can you clarify this for me, I explained to him the difference between murder and kill, that murder has mallicious intent and premeditation, while kill does not. You know if someone breaks into your house and tries to harm your family and you shoot him for instance and he dies he was killed not murdered. Oh, also do Jews believe in Heaven? He said they dont, but I reffered hm to where in the Old Testament(Torah), where King David loses his son, and he mourns for him and cries and says that he will go to him one day and see him again, but he responded back and said that the Bible has been changed over time. What better person to ask about the 10 commandments and a Jewish Heaven than a Jewish person. G-D Bless b safe


Great to hear from you again.  It is quite admirable that your brother wants to go back to Afghanistan for a second tour.  I have been to war and seen its horrors and I hope that I will never have to go back to it again, although I will if I must.

In answer to your question about the translation of the original Hebrew in the Ten Commandments I suggest you look at the JPS or Fox translation, they happen to be two of the best translations I have ever read or the Hebrew without giving any real commentary through their translations, for future reference.  As for the actual wording of the Ten Commandments, the word used in Exodus and Deuteronomy is (Teer-sach)תרצח which means murder.

In Judaism there is no concept of heaven and hell as there is in Christianity.  In Judaism there is the “World to Come”  which is essentially a messianic concept and the “Garden of Eden” where all people will eventually go after they die.  Judaism also teaches that there is a place, when translated into the English, called Purgatory, where the “soul” stays until it has essentially repaid its debt, for lack of better terms.  It says that even the most evil and corrupt can only stay in Purgatory for seven years, if my memory serves me correct, and then they ascend to the Garden of Eden.  This is an overly simplified view of the Jewish belief of the afterlife, but I’m sorry to tell you for the purposes of your class and the dialogue you had with your Professor I am going to have to side with your Prof on this one.

I hope you have found my answers informative and helpful.

Feel free to come back with anymore questions you may have.


Hello, Mr. Jonah

I pray that all is well with you and that you are in great health. I would have responded sooner but your reply was sent to my inbox as spam and I just recently saw it. I sincerely do appreciate your candor and clarification on the questions I asked in regards to, “Thall shalt not murder” and the 10 Commandments as well as the concept of heaven and hell in the Jewish faith , it was really enlightening. Zechariah 2:8 For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.

Mr. Jonah, It pained me so much to read of the brutal, cold blooded murder of the Fogel family recently, it brought me to tears to read how they were slaugtered in their own homes, especially the precious babies. It brings me great joy to know that the blood thirsty mass murdering Islamic radical perpetrators have been apprehended. My sincere condolences Jonah, I grieve for the surviving family members and pray that the L–D brings them peace and comfort and sends angels on assignment to protect them. My question is what can be done to prevent further attacks like this one? I know its hard to answer but, how to you differentiate between a moderate and a radical? Often its after a tragic murder has already taken place that we know who they are. My “carnal”(Spanish for brother”) whom is in the U.S. Army is under the same dillema, often having to do patrol and train Afghan Soldiers and what not.

Did you buy any chance read of the UFC’s recent purchase of their rival STRIKEFORCE? Maybe now we can see unification of titles and maybe even see superfights i.e. Nick Diaz vs GSP or Cain Velasquez vs Alistair Overeem. Recently Nick Diaz fought Paul Daley in STRIKEFORCE and WOW!!, what a fight, just wanted to know if you happened to see it.

Whats going on Mr. Jonah,

I almost forgot, I have another question for you.
Have you by any chance ever heard of Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, or Michael Savage? All three are Jewish on air radioshow hosts in the U.S. and are people whom I highly respect and hold in high regard.


Great to hear from you again.  I hope that you don’t mind if I answer both your emails at once.

It pains me as well anytime you hear about a gruesome murder taking place, especially when it involves young children.  I  must say though that you are a little wrong to call the suspects in custody Islamic radicals, from the information that has been released to the public they have an affiliation with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is a Marxist group and therefore don’t ascribe to any religion whatsoever.  That does not make the act any less heinous but it just goes to show that it is not Islam, necessarily, but hatred and any form of extremism that is the problem.

As far as preventing further attacks like the one in Itamar, I wish I had the answer.  The only thing that can be done is to continue with counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations in the West Bank until a peaceful two state solution can be reached.  This includes allowing the PA Security forces to continue to do the work of police in Palestinian controlled areas.

I understand the dilemma that your brother is in.  It is sometimes very hard to move from being enemies with some one to having to work with them.  The problem with any fighting an unconventional war is that you never really know who is the enemy.  The only thing you can hope for sometimes is to be lucky when you are on patrol.  I wish I had a better answer to your two previous questions but I don’t.  Tell your brother that I thank him for his service and that I hope he has a safe deployment.

Now on to the lighter subject matter questions.  I did read about the buyout of Strikeforce, and I think it will be great for the sport.  I think having a unified champion will do wonders for the world of MMA.  I think there are some great fighters in Strikeforce who now will have the opportunity to fight other great fighters.  Like you said super fights could be great, although I think that as it stands right now the UFC is still the stronger of the two.  Unfortunately, I did not get to see the Diaz Daley fight, I heard it was a great fight but I have not been able to find the full fight online.  If you know of any place that still has the full fight online I would love it if you sent me the link.

I have heard of Medved and Savage, but not Prager.  I have never heard their radio shows though, so I feel like I cannot comment.

As always, feel free to get in touch again.


Heres a link for the Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley fight, its the best one I could find. This one was on the same fight card: Gilbert Melendez vs Tatsuya Kawajiri. I agree 100% that the UFC has a higher caliber of fighters most definitely, although I do believe Nick Diaz would give GSP a run for his money. His boxing is superior and his Gracie Jiu Jitsu is in a leaugue of its own, but GSP’s wrestling is very strong and Nick has always had problems with wrestlers. Same goes for Gilbert Melendez I feel he would smash Frankie Edgar, his boxing is great and has heavy hands and his Gracie Jiu Jitsu is strong and has a strong wrestling background as well. Okay I’m a little biased becasue they are both Mexican Americans like myself truth be told. LOL!

Victor Ortiz vs Andre Berto I know you dont watch boxing all that much, but this fight was as an all out brawl for 12 exciting rounds!! Each guys was knocked down at least 2 or 3 times each. Very, very exciting and is probably why boxing will always be my first passion!! Hope You enjoy G–D Bless and be safe you are constantly in my prayers


How’s it going.  Thanks for sending me the link to the fights I really enjoyed watching them.

I think I agree with you about a Diaz GSP fight.  It would be great to watch and would definitely be a major draw for the UFC/Strikeforce.  Speaking of GSP, did you see UFC 129?  I was wondering what you thought about the Shields GSP fight.  Also, what do you think about this whole business with Seagal?  I’m a little iffy about it myself.

Hope to hear from you again soon.  Take care.


Whats going on Mr. Jonah?

I’m glad you enjoyed the fights I knew you. I pray that all is well with you and your family.

Yeah I saw the GzzzzzzzzP vs Shields fight and to be perfectly honest it put me to sleep. At this point I dont think GSP could finish a happy meal, LOL! But in all seriousness he looked a little intimidated and hesitant. His jab was landing really well but he insisted on throwing some gay overhand right that a blind man could see. Shields was ripe for the knockout and GSP refused to give it to him, and was even tagged all night by Shield’s weak jab. Good thing I saw the fight at a buddy’s house and didnt have to spend $50. Its becoming a consistent pattern for GSP and lacks a killer instinct. I mean damn he the top fighter at 170 in the world and he never puts on a show. A fighter is supposed to fight for the fans, and is supposed to fight to win not fight not to lose.

Steven Segal is a joke, and I am getting tired of hearing about him. Joe Rogan even said when Silva fought Belfort that, “Segal is a very accomplished MMA fighter”. Seriously, what MMA circuit, against who, what venue, and wheres the video? The UFC should stop giving this guy the spotlight because all it does is discredit MMA, namely the UFC. Just picture a harcore boxing fan, that sees a UFC fight for the first time, and he hears this stupid crap about how Segal is getting credit for a fighters win. Segal is a C-Levek actor at best that does choreographed Karate. Plus he looks like a douche, LOL!


Thanks for the well wishes for me and my family, I am happy to say that all is good.

I agree that the GSP vs. Shields fight was extremely boring.  I’m not sure I agree with you that GSP can’t finish a fight any more, I just think that he isn’t really being challenged anymore.  I was very happy that Dana White said he is thinking about bringing Diaz in to fight GSP.  Although after that I don’t see anyone else in the welterweight division that GSP can fight.  Its a shame that GSP doesn’t want to do a catch weight fight with Silva, I think that it would be a great fight.

I happen to agree with you on everything you have said about Segal.  I think that he does look pretty dumb on the post fight interviews, especially with his shooting glasses.  He may need to go to public speaking classes in order to learn how to give an interview.

Keep in touch.


Thank you!

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