Mohammed, Tunisia

April 15, 2011

Mohammed, Tunisia

i’am arabic from tunisia and i’am one of the 10milion rebels. how did the resistant of the palastenien men’s miss a beach like you and they didn’t rape you or kill you?

how can you and you all army will protect your cowerd people when all the arab will strke ?

please stay a live till we met on palastine because i want to kill you by my self


Hi Mohammed,

First of all I must say I don’t appreciate your threats and your disrespect to someone just because they are of a certain nationality, not to mention someone who you don’t even know. Such hatred will not bring you happiness in life in my opinion.

If you would like to talk with me in a mutually respectful manner I invite you to do so.

I wish you and the rest of your people all the hope and success as you build your new country and future.



Thank you!

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