Sabah, Iraq

October 4, 2011

I’m iraqi man serve and join with the us army since 1-9-2003 to 2007 fight side by side with us army in baghdad green zone rank was cpt. xo.Cco.Iraqi civil corps ..always trying to **** up all Insurgents in this world this is my only wishes like hammas hizb-allah ,neo nazi, **** all of them ,” The war on terror it a dirty job” I wanna stand with any great nation like the jewish people whom knowing the meang of the freedom…G-d bless you and yours forever… Regards brothers in arms..

How you looking at some arab’s whom stand firm with your people ?

Are you feel happy and have a full desire when fight the Insurgents such as hamas or hezib-allah?

Ask my G-d to keep you safe and bless you … Thanks…

Hi Sabeh,

Nothing makes me happier than to receive a positive letter from my Arab brothers in countries that have no relations with Israel. I truly hope one day our two countries can reside together, side by side, in peace and harmony, with full diplomatic relations. The Jewish people have a deep-rooted history in Iraq, and I would love the opportunity to visit your country sometime in the future. I also commend your fight against the terrorist elements in your country that wish to create chaos and prohibit Iraqis from living normal lives. It is exactly for this reason that is important for us to communicate with one another and express our solidarity with each other.

Without question, I am proud to serve in the IDF, and defending my family and friends against terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah is a great honor. As long as these organizations continue to wish for the destruction of our great nation, I will be prepared to fight for it on behalf of all Israelis.

I also pray that G-d will provide you with peace, security, health and happiness in 2011 and beyond.

I’d like to ask you a few questions also. How is the situation now in Iraq? Do you feel peace between the different ethnic groups is possible? What is the overall public perception of Israel there?

All the Best,


Avi my dear friend’s… First I wanna thank you very much about your kind words …I was very glad when I read your message …Iraq now better more than the past , but the Iranian control on our government through supported some militia in Iraq and we’re hated that over and above some political members dealing with Iran so this is very bad situation now in Iraq…and about your question (What is the overall public perception of Israel there?) in fact there’s many people’s here believe and respected the Jewish rights in land of Israel because they say to me the Jews have a great history more than 7000 years this is the truth ,,,But by the other side some people’s here hated them…. when I’m looking for the reason I found some of them talking in the name of prophet Mohamed…! For this reason I wanna f*** the prophet Mohamed ….. And about your question (Do you feel peace between the different ethnic groups is possible?) NO In Iraq – Baghdad where I live only the men and women whose live and share the life with the Jews in many sector in Baghdad liked and respect them because the Jewish were have mercy and humanity and they’re very nice and lovely people’s …. I believe that when we have tolerance for one another in the Arab community – not necessarily having to agree with each other – our enemies will almost miraculously decrease, and perhaps become our allies, I’m always wish to Support Israel and fight against anti-Semitism and terrorism … If you wanna know about me more visit my channel ( Wishing all of you a Happy Passover! As Israel endures more Islamic terrorist attacks on Shabbos we pray for her safety and security. We also wish you a meaningful and restful Shabbos and weekend. Regard sabah

Are you getting ready for Shabbos and Passover?

what your favorite part of Passover is?

Hi Sabah,

Thank your for the kind Passover wishes and all of your support. I had a wonderful Passover Seder with family and friends here in Israel. I hope and wish that peace, calm and security for all of the Iraqi people, and hope that the conflict there will end in strong, democratic Iraqi nation.

My favorite part of Passover is the familial aspect of coming together with close family and friends and celebrating one of the Jewish people’s greatest stories of survival and salvation: our deliverance out of Egypt. It serves as a strong collective memory for the Jewish people and is an important part of our tradition and faith. To celebrate our liberation with family in friends, here, in a free and democratic Israel, is a dream that my people longed for over the past 2,000 years. Now it is a reality.

I will definitely check out your website, and encourage you to stay in touch with me. Also, what religious background are you? Sunni or Shia?



Thank you!

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