Alex, France

May 24, 2011

Hi Avi!

First, I would like to thank you for being here to answer my questions, thank you for using some time for this. Also, I wanted to say that have so much respect for you guys because it’s not easy to leave one’s family to fight against terrorists,you all must be some kind persons to be able to risk your life for the Israeli population. You have all my support. By the way, I’m going to tel aviv this summer because I just love this city and later, I wanna be a humanitarian doctor and work with Tsahal because I feel so concerned by what happen is Israel everyday.

So, my first question is : were you scared about the risk to be killed by arab terrorists or confident ?

My second question is : I heard that soldiers from Tsahal killed civils or children from arab countries just for “fun” although they didn’t do anything to be killed,is it true ? Be honest. (And I hope that my english is comprehensible)

My third question is : what is your best and worst memories when you were a soldier ? Thank you so much for watching and I hope you will answer soon! Love from France. Alex.

Hi Alex,

I appreciate all of your words of encouragement and support. Protecting Israel has been one of the most defining and incredible moments of my life.

Of course, worrying about being injured or killed in action is always a thought that sticks with you while you serve in the army. However, I was mostly concerned about the well-being of my family and friends if anything ever happened to me, as I know that if I was killed that they would be completely devastated. However, my passion for Israel, coupled with my desire to serve in the IDF, always helped me overcome any sense of fear. The fact is I was willing to serve, even give my life, for Israel and what she stands for.

Civilian deaths are an unfortunate by-product of violent conflict, and the loss of life is always regrettable However, based on my knowledge of the IDF and my own personal experience, Israel never intentionally targets civilian non-combatants and, unlike Hamas and many other Middle-Eastern nations, open investigative inquiries whenever these incidents occur. Accusations of deliberately killing innocent civilians is libelous, wildly inaccurate propaganda utilized by entities hostile to Israel in order to further their own agendas. Killing isn’t “fun” for us in any sense of the word, certainly not for me.

The best memory was receiving my red beret after I finish my masa kumta, or forced march of over 80 kilometers all the way to Jerusalem. I was exceptionally proud to be a paratrooper and to complete my training. The worst memory is when a fellow soldier and one of my best friend’s attempted to commit suicide while in the military. Although he survived, he was kicked out of the unit and I was completely devastated that he never came to consult me for help.

Health and Happiness in 2011,


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