Ramadan, Egypt

June 28, 2011

Why Israel is hated by arab and muslims ?

Why you killing people in ghazza ?

Do you think one day Israel with fight egypt ? I will join egypt army and I hope that

Hi Ramadan,

I’m happy to have the chance to speak with an Egyptian! Your first question is very difficult to answer, but many Arabs dislike Israel for a multiple of reasons. One is that many Muslims believe that the State of Israel was established on Muslim land and against the Islamic belief that all of the Middle East should be Muslim land. Some Arabs simply have Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel views based on false beliefs, racism, or simply because they are misinformed about Jews, Israelis and the State of Israel. Others dislike Israel because of our ongoing conflict with the Palestinian people. However, it is important to know that Israel is a free, democratic nation that allows all of its citizens the right to freedom of speech, religion and economic opportunity. We are a state that has operated  for over 60 years on the same ideals and beliefs that the Egyptian people demanded during the Egyptian Revolution in Tahrir Square. We support your right to freedom and prosperity, and I hope you know that we want nothing but peace and prosperity with all of our neighbors.

The situation in Gaza is very complex. First, please know that we never intentionally target or kill civilians in the Gaza strip, although sometimes civilians are mistakenly killed. This is an unfortunate consequence of violent conflict. It is important to know that Palestinian groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired thousands of rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian areas since 2005, even after Israel voluntarily left the Gaza Strip. Should we not have the right to defend ourselves against these attacks? If Gaza militants were firing rockets into Sinai or into Egypt, would you support your governments right to respond against these threats? I’m certain you would agree with that idea. This is why establishing a comprehensive peace between Israel and the Palestinians is so important, so that we can end these violent hostilities and live together peacefully, side by side, for the greater good of both nations.

I sincerely hope that the days of war between Egypt and Israel are behind us. I believe that the Egypt-Israel peace treaty is extremely beneficial for both Israelis and Egyptians militarily, politically and economically. It is in the best interests of both of our countries to maintain this peace and continue to strive to improve the relations between our great nations.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2011,


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