Luc, USA

July 30, 2011

I’m 18 and i want to join the IDF through the Mahal program and learn hebrew with a free ulpan.

Can i join the a Sayeret with glasses? I have 20/360 vision. Im physically fit and can do 20 pullups and can run 2 miles in 15 minutes. Would this boost my chances? Im very persistent.

With 20/360 vision can i join infantry?

Is the training for infantry and the Sayerets very tough? Is it better than the US Marine Corps? Is their a high espirit de corps in the IDF? Thanks a million for your help!


You seem to be in good shape and in high spirits, so I’m sure you’ll become the best IDF soldier you can be. As for your 20/360 vision, it’s not a problem to join any infantry unit and most of the Special Forces units with glasses. For other units though, such as Sayeret Matkal, 669 etc., it might become a problem. But until you undergo medical examinations, you won’t be able to know for sure what your medical profile is, and which units you can join.

The training for the Sayeret, or training for any other combat unit for that matter, is tough and I can assure you that the IDF’s “Epirit de Corps” is high. It’s a bit hard to compare the situation in the IDF to the Marine Corps, cause I know very little about them and I’m sure their missions, manpower, training and equipment are much different than the IDF’s.

Good luck with the Mahal program, Hebrew lessons and enlisting,


Thank you!

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