Nora, Israel

July 30, 2011

My name is nora. I am a palestenian girl who lives in israel. i am studying at alqasme college.

My qustion is what you(IDF) doing in the west bank exactly… Israel keep saying that it always trying to show the palestenian that it need peace and want a solution by having to states… so if that is real what you still doing in the west bank and don’t tell me that it’s a policy to stop Hamas resistance from throwing rockets at israel… if Israel really wants two states it should withdraw from the westbank and stop whatever it do there…. depending in my own opinion i think that israel wants more lands … wants to expand more and more to have finally a huge country so please let’s Israel has conviction and sufficiency of what you already took away from us…???!!!!


I agree with you that if Israel wants peace, it should withdraw from the West Bank and resolve the conflict by a two state solution. The problem is that Israel wants not only peace, but also security for its citizens.

Since the Oslo agreements of 1993 Israel has been trying to achieve a situation that will enable it to withdraw its troops from the West Bank, without compromising security issues. Unfortunately, all efforts to achieve such a situation failed. Both sides are responsible for this failure. On the Israeli side, right wing extremists, settlers, domestic politics and political leaders have made it impossible to come to an agreement. The Palestinian Authority is also to blame, after refusing to negotiate and failing to control extremist on their side of the border. There are no saints in this conflict.

Hopefully, in the near future both sides will wise up and be generous (as P.M Netanyahu promised in his speech at the US congress) with their sacrifices during this everlasting “Peace Process”. Unfortunately, a solution doesn’t seem to be appearing on the horizon.


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