Ali, Libya

August 3, 2011

Ali, Libya

I’m a Commercial Manager and an artist from benghazi¬† libya

Sorry I have no question …. because the question that I found in Facebook was “Are the soldiers terrorists” ….. And the fact that not all the Israelis are terrorists so that they were in the army …… there are a lot of them against the killing of civilians ….. And so that the soldier had so ….. this because a soldier following orders. And demand equality between them and the Palestinians

Hi Ali,

I really respect what you say, because so many people from our region call Israelis terrorists killers and land grabers. Something you should understand is that the vast majority of Israelis are good people and despise war and only want to live in peace. In addition, in the Israeli Army, you are taught during training to disobey orders that are not moral, including killing innocent people of course. Unfortunately in my opinion many Arab nations spread lies about Jews and Israel to distract their citizens from the terrible things that go on in their own countries.

I would like you to know that you are the first person to write from Libya, and I must say I am so sorry for what is happening in your country. I hope everything will be ok for you in the end and that your people will have a peaceful future.



Thank you liran to your feelings¬† about my country but plz don’t be sorry about us…… we finally got the chance to make our stand against that qaddafi tyrant .¬† and we will got our freedom no matter the coast ……….and i wont u 2 know…..not all the arabs think’n that u r bad…..coz we know that many israelis give’n there hands 2 the palastinins ……. hope that we can make the peace 2 the whole world………



Thank you!

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