Ghaith, Tunisia

August 7, 2011

why you did that in palestine ?? think you realy its your country and you muste taket with force ???!

Can you think one day, if palestin become strong and do in you like you doing now in palestin, waht you can i do what is your feeling for that, what you feeling when you accept to kild and murd many pepole !! are you happy???

: Belive you in another day gad we take as and punish as for what we do in our life ??? (if you think yes) think you waht you doing just in palestin ist true and gad he would accept that and give you a gift for that??!!

Hi Ghaith,

To answer your question, I think Israel belongs to all of its citizens, that includes both Jews and Arabs. What ever country will exist in the West Bank can do what it wants. Ghaith in my opinion the people of the Middle East need to understand that the Jewish people have a historical connection to the land of Israel, and just like everyone else, we have the right to self determination as well.

If the Palestinians want to fight with Israel once again than Israel will do what it has done for over 60 years- continue to defend itself.

Lastly, I am not a religious person, but I do try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I don’t treat people out of fear for what will happen to me in the afterlife, I treat them as I do out of mutual respect.


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