Kimo, Tunisia

August 7, 2011

I Want To Ask You , If israel want peace Why israel Bombed Hamem Chat_tunisia In 1985 without Reason All Tunisian People Still Remember

Why Israeli soldiers Kill The children and dont respect Detainees ?

Hamas are Not Terorist They are defending their country Do You wont Them Surrender and leave.

Hi Kimo,

Nice to meet you.  To answer your question, Israel did not bomb Tunisia in 1985 for no reason. Yassir Arafat and the PLO were using that area of your country as a base of operations to attack Israeli civilians after they were thrown out of Lebanon. They targeted those Palestinian factions that were committing atrocities against civilians. You should know that since that time Israel and Tunisia have actually had decent relations even though Tunisia does not recognize Israel. Many Tunisian Israelis go on organized tours to Tunis to see where their ancestors lived.

Second, from my experience in the army, Israeli soldiers to not kill children. Sometimes innocent civilians including children are killed in Israeli attacks on legitimate military targets which are located near civilian buildings, but we certainly do not intentionally kill innocent civilians. During the first week of training, every Israeli soldier is taught about the army code of conduct and the purity of arms code.

In reference to detainees- I too have seen instances of soldiers mistreating captured Palestinians for whatever reason. Unfortunately this is something that happens in every army, when you have a wide variety of people, some of them less disciplined than others. THe important thing to remember is the IDF has an internal discipline system and military police that investigates such abuse.

Lastly, Israel cannot surrender to Hamas and Jews cannot leave this state, quite simply because we have no where else to go.


Thank you!

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