Mehdi, Morocco

August 7, 2011

i’m a morrocan student i’m 17 years old and i Love traveling i have visited france and i wish to visite all other contries but not israel

why the israel army kill innocents people ?

you did kill a lot of people ? can you sleep ?

i’m sorry for thees questions but i heet war and i don’t like to kill or get kill thx



You might be surprised, but just like you I don’t like war or killings of any kind. Unfortunately for me I was involved in combat, I was shot at, pretty heavy stones were thrown in my direction, and I had the privilege of eating a local delicacy called “Luf” (canned meat that tastes like, well, canned meat), for weeks at a time. So I can tell you from my personal experience, war is not fun for anyone. As Elaine of the T.V show Seinfeld put it: “War, what is it good for?”.

As for your first question, I guess there is only one answer I can give you, even though it’s not that satisfying: The Israeli army does what it understands best in order to defend Israeli citizens. In that process, and this is almost inevitable when you’re fighting a violent adversary, innocent people get killed. By the way, innocent people get killed on both sides.

As for myself, I never killed anyone and my nights are calm, thankfully. But if I had to kill someone during my line of duty, I believe I would have done so, with a great deal of suffering. Just like you would have probably done, in order to protect your family or your homeland (even though you don’t like killing).



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