Eyad, Egypt

August 8, 2011
Do you think that you have any future in palestine?
Why do you kill the palestinians ?
Hi Eyad,
To answer your question, I personally hope that the Jewish people as well as other inhabitants have a future in the land you call Palestine, and the land I call Israel. You may not agree, or may have been taught otherwise, but the Jewish people have a historical, cultural, and religious connection to this land, and there have been Jews living here continuously for thousands of years, until the Jews in exile started to return in the last century. So I hope for the sake of my people that we do have a future in this land, because we simply have no where else to go.
Lastly, you are stating the common notion that Israel has a policy of killing Palestinians. There is no such policy. Like any responsible government- including the Egyptian government, the Israeli government does what is necessary to protect its citizens. Sometimes that means engaging in operations that target those people who target Israeli citizens, may they be Palestinian or Lebanese or whoever.

Thank you!

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