Murad, Jordan

August 13, 2011

Im  A Palestinian refugee, guest of Jordan. Born and lived in exile of my Homeland and my Ancestors’ .

Do you believe in the Israeli cause; that you can kill unarmed kids such as Fares Oudeh with cold blood?

How come my home village is still empty? (It’s Beit Mahseer, 10miles from Jerusalem on Jerusalem – Jafa highway)

Where are you originally from??

Hi Murad,

Its nice to meet you. To answer your question, I think that to take the plight of children such as Fares Oudeh as the policy of the Israeli army is buying into the propaganda that surround the middle east conflict. The shooting of Fares Oudeh all those years ago is regrettable and tragic, and since then the Israeli army has developed non-lethal methods for riot control, our of fear for the safety of rioters, even those who may put soldiers lives in danger. Back in the first intifada when Fares was shot, it is quite possible that the soldier who shot him had orders not to allow children near any Israeli soldiers or equipment, and if they get close, to aim for the knees. This is after the Israeli army experience in Lebanon, where children were used as suicide bombers because soldiers would not suspect them.
Secondly, your village is empty because of the grave mistake the Palestinians made in 1948 by not accepting the two state solution decided on by the united nations and agreed upon by Israel. Just as your village is empty, thousands of Jewish homes and nieghborhoods from Morocco to Iraq where Jews where forced out during this time are also empty. While 700,000 palestinians were made refugees in the war, over 900,000 Jews from Arab nations were made refugees as well.
Lastly, I am originally from Israel, as is my mother, as is my grandmother.

Thank you!

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