Rofayda, Egypt

August 27, 2011

im an Egyptian electronics engineer …. i lived 22 years in this world which was enough to witness 7 wars between Israel and Arabs … after 22 years we now hear of Israeli army turning to morality !! huh ????!!! is it a joke ??? i think i dont have issues with Israeli civilians but Israeli army ……. ????!!!!!

how it feels when you kill innocent children in bombing Gaza or Qana (Lebanon)???
can you name three differences between Israeli army and monsters ???!
dont you feel shame of being a soldier in the Israeli army ?? why dont you pick another job ??
Hi Rofayda
Before I answer your questions, you should understand that the Israeli army is a draft army, meaning that it is made of Israeli civilians.
To answer your question, I feel much regret when innocent people are killed during Israeli attacks on enemy targets. It is quite unfortunate when the enemies of Israel including Hamas and Hezbollah choose to hide behind innocent people when they try to fight Israel, causing Israel to have no choice but risk civilian casualties to prevent rockets from being fired on its population. I hope that the Palestinian and Lebanese people will feel regret when their fighters purposefully target our civilians.
Second- the first difference is that Israeli soldiers are human beings who are forced into a terrible situation of war because there are people who want to hurt Israeli civilians and dont believe we have a right to live here as well. Second difference is that the Israeli army is composed of a variety of people, including Jews, Muslims, Christians, Europeans, Arabs, Africans, Etc. Lastly, Israeli soldiers do not enjoy war or fighting or death. I imagine monsters do.
Lastly, I am proud to contribute to my country and serve my society. I didnt have a choice to pick another job, I was drafted into the army like most Israelis- for two years which i served without regret. I hope by the time I have children we will have peace and my kids will no longer be forced to the army.


Hi Liran, 

well actually i kinda liked your answer … i didnt think u will answer me at all …. i really hope one day all people can live in peace ….. im 22 and my life was full of wars :( i hope my kids will live peacefully too ….

actually ur answer shows that we r all just human beings wanna  live in peace but we have different ideologies …  maybe if you talk to people from hezbollah or hamas u will feel like me too ….. i dont think attacking Israeli civilians is a right thing to do but i also dont believe Israelis have the right to live here …
let me ask u this question clearly …. why do u believe u have the right to be here ?? i know that jews suffered from a lot of racism which is really lamentable for a modern world … but the solution to their problem is not robbing other’s land and treating them exactly as u jews where treated before by Nazis !!!!
if YOUR god promised you some land or country its really not our problem !!! many people from diffrent religions suffer from racism …
for example Bahaees …. so here is a typical brilliant Zionist solution … lets collect Bahaees form every where in the world and take them to Shiraz in Iran which is there holy city !!!!
let us expel all Iranians from that city to solve the problem of Bahaees facing racism !!!!! … does this make any sense to you ??? 
i mean building a country based on a religion is a stupid and racist thing too … u tried to solve the racism problem by a more racist way !! countries shouldnt be established on the basis of religion or color or whatever !!
i hope u understand my point of view …. 
thanks Liran  :)


Hi Rofayda,

First of all, everyone has a right to their opinions, but in addition everyone has a right to life. I am a Jew who lives in Israel, and although many people may have a problem with that, they must understand that I simply have no where else to go- I have no other country but this little peace of land- I cant run anywhere- except to the sea, which Im sure many of my nieghbors would like to send me there.
Second, I do think that Jews have a right to live in their biblical homeland, just like the Arabs do. I think the land of Israel can be shared by both people, not just one. You should also understand that while you think that jews came to Israeli and stole land, you should know that Jews have been living in Israel for thousands of years until now, in places like Jerusalem, Hebron, and Safed. In addition, many Jews lived in Iraq, Morocco, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, and other places before they were kicked out by the Arabs and made refugees during the 48 war. What you must know is that Zionism isn’t a hateful ideology, all it says it that Jews, just like everyone else deserve a home also, a place to be safe, a place which all people including arabs and christians and jews can be treated equally and with respect. Israel for us is that place, we have many arab citizens here who have full rights, because this is the Zionist way- the way of freedom and tolerance and democracy. Does this seem strange to you?



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