Aryan, New Zealand

September 17, 2011

graduated in anthropology, not sure what else to say, grew up in New Zealand. My parents are originally from Iran. I have been to Israel and loved it, I am critical of pretty much most things. Not sure what else

I am curious to what it was like in the Army and your view on Iranians and the current situation with Iran-Israel. Did you find it difficult in the army? And how do you see yourself in the middle east?

Hi Aryan,

First off, I agree with you- its good to be critical.
To answer your questions, serving in the army was a challenge throughout, in the beginning it was physically and mentally hard being away from my family and going from a normal teenage life to basic training. After that, when I became a commander, I faced a new challenge which tested my responsibility and maturity.
About Iranians- I really dont no so much about them accept that they live far away and for some reason their leader talks about destroying our country all the time.
Lastly, I see my self in the middle east as any one else- this place is my home and I have no where else to go.
Hello Liran What is your background out of curiousity? How tight is it with your family? I had my first Shabbat in Israel, though I am not Jewish my uncle is and well maybe my great grandmother or something on my mothers side… I asked because I have Iranian background (though not Muslim) and outside of Israel Jews not so friendly, but Israeli’s are very cool, well some of them. Do you see life in the army as a career? I actually got the friend a soldier from the Iran-Israel group I am part of, I think in the region two people who have over 2,500 years of history now threatening each other is sad… I disagree with war, there is no sense in it. But I cannot change the world from what it is only interact with people. So how did you find being in the army and your view on the world, your religion and identity?¬†
Hi Aryan,
To answer your question, my Grandparents are from Romania and Poland, and we have a very close family. I agree with you- Israelis are cool and I’m sure Iranian are as well- at least the Iranians ive met in Israel and in the US were very cool. Secondly, I have already finished the army, although towards the end of my service I was pressured to stay on as an officer, I wanted my degree first. Perhaps Ill go back. ¬†Being in the army in general didnt really affect my religion, although it did strengthen my motivation and the importance of doing national service- despite the fact that I too disagree with war. Unfortunately we don’t have a choice and sometimes we need to defend ourselves. WHat is the website you mentioned on Iran-Israel relations- this sounds interesting
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