Mohammed, UK

September 24, 2011

Hi, I just wanted to ask you that don’t you think Israel should just apologise to Turkey over the aid ship and end the tension?
What about innocent Palestinians that are being killed by Israeli missiles?
What do you think of Hamas?

Hi Mohammad,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you- I just got married this week.

To answer your question, I think Israel should apologize to Turkey if Israel did something wrong. Israel does not believe it did anything wrong and the United Nations’ Palmer report agrees. Israel already said many times that it regrets what happened, but the soldiers who took over the ‘marmara’ were being attacked and acted in self-defense.

For this reason- I feel the same thing for innocent Palestinians who are killed by accident by Israeli missles- I feel regret, I wish it did not have to happen, but if Hamas keeps launching missiles from civilian areas, they put their own people in danger- something that is very unfortunate indeed.

Lastly, I dont really like Hamas, they do not wish to have a free society in Gaza, and it says in their charter that my country has no right to exist.

I hope all is well with you- its been a long time since we last talked.


Thank you!

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