Amir, France

September 24, 2011

Born in Israel, living in France, returning back to Israel next month to serve. Always wanted to go to Sayeret Golani, since I left Israel at age 8.

Hi Itay, I believe this is not the first time you read this question, but I’d like to know if you have some tips to pass the gibush ? Are there some special acts that make the difference ? On what should I focus in my training (speed, strenght, stamina… ) ??Thanks a lot

Shabat Shalom



The “Gibush” is a tormenting week during which you’ll be put through endless tests and examinations. The day begins usually very early, and consists of many physical and mental tests. During the entire day you are always under pressure, because you need to complete every task in a short time. There is no time for resting or sleeping, and only when you have your meals can you relax a little. A great portion of the day is dedicated to group tasks, in which you’ll have to work together with your friends as a team. Try to show some leadership, but don’t be too loud or annoying. In other times you can find yourself crawling or running up a dune for a couple of hours.

As far as I remember there is no time for showers, phone calls or stuff like that, but if you get a few free minutes try to use them wisely (resting, checking your gear, changing your sox and underwear etc). The days during the gibush are very long, so be patient. Try to do everything as best as you can, but keep your strength for later, if possible. A gibush is a bit like the TV show Survivor – you never know what surprises await ahead.

You can try to prepare yourself physically for the Gibush, with concentration on stamina . When I was training for my “Gibush” I used to put 4 big bottles of water in a backpack, toss it on my shoulders and then go running for an hour or two in the sand dunes outside of Yavne, my hometown. You can do that, or just do what Forest Gump did and run. After you run as far as you can, run some more. Then start crawling, then run some more, and then run again. Oh, and do some push-ups and sit-ups. That’s basically it! The point is that you don’t need to be that strong or fast, you need to be persistent and give your all at every task you encounter.

But the truth is that the specific way in which you physically train yourself is not that important. In any case, during the “Gibush” you’ll eventually reach a point in which you won’t be able to continue physically. That’s why your mental readiness is more essential to passing the “Gibush”. In order to overcome the total exhaustion that certainly awaits you, you have to be a very special person, and that is something that you can not prepare for.

I can give you only one tip: Before you go to the “Gibush” try to understand why is it you want to join a special forces unit so much. Dig deep into your conscious and figure out what drives you. That way, when you find yourself weak and tired, you can try to remember what’s your motivation and gather the strength you need from within.

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