Ghaith, Tunisia

October 9, 2011

I have 23 years olds, Tunisian student in institut supérieur des Arts et Métiers.

Why you did that in palestine ?? think you realy its your country and you muste taket with force ???!

Belive you in another day gad we take as and punish as for what we do in our life ??? (if you think yes) think you waht you doing just in palestin ist true and gad he would accept that and give you a gift for that??!! 

Can you think one day, if palestin become strong and do in you like you doing now in palestin, waht you can i do what is your feeling for that, what you feeling when you accept to kild and murd many pepole !! are you happy???

Hello Ghaith,

I believe that the Palestinians deserve their own country. I also believe that Israel has the right to exist and to defend herself.

In my opinion G-d would never want us, or anyone for that matter, fighting and killing in his name. Death on both sides is a tragedy and I wish that both sides would learn to live in peace.

I do hope that the Palestinians become stronger one day. But I hope that they will use that strength to build their economy, agriculture, government, justice system, and education system.

Thank you for your questions,


Thank you!

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