Tobias, Germany

October 9, 2011

I´m a 16-year-old German boy who is very interested in Israel and its history.

What do you think is special about Israel? What´s the difference between Israel and all other countries?

What´s the main topic in Israel (problems, tragedies)?

What would you say about the Arab Spring also referring to Israel and the foreign policy?

Hello Tobias,

In my opinion Israel is special because it is a story of a people who were kicked out of their homeland over two thousand years ago yet never forgot where they were from and even after so long eventually returned home. Although not all Jews live in Israel, many Jews feel a connection with her. Israel is also unique as it is the only Jewish country and at the same time a modern democracy.

Both Jews and Palestinians want the Land of Israel. Many wars have been fought over this piece of land for a very long time, and unfortunately that fight still goes on today.

I hope that the Arab Spring will help bring the Arab world more into Western Society. It would be nice if Arab leaders gave more rights and opportunities to their citizens.

Thank you for your questions,


Thank you!

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