Marwan, UK

October 9, 2011

An Arab who feels sorry for Palestinians who have their land occupied!

Do you believe Palestinians have a right to live in Palestine or what you call Israel?

Do you feel good about raids on Gaza and West Bank?

If you were Palestinian, would you hate Israel?

Hello Marwan,

I believe that the situation of the Palestinians is very unfortunate. Many innocent civilians suffer at the hands of their leaders and especially by terrorist organizations. Many terrorists who reside in the Palestinian territories will hide behind civilians, putting them at a very unnecessary risk. In my opinion if Palestinian leadership took steps to better Palestinian economy and welfare then terrorism would decline and the quality of life in Palestine would greatly increase. Thus I do feel sorry for the innocent Palestinian civilians and any raids that they may be entangled in due to cowardly terrorists.

It is hard for me to say how I would feel about Israel if I were a Palestinian as I have never lived in an occupied land.

Thank you for your questions,


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