Kimberly, USA

October 9, 2011

I am christian, I live in the USA. I have two grown children. I work at my church. I also work out side my church with mentally and physically handicap people.

Were you born in Israel?

What is it like to live in Israel?

Please tell me about your family.


Thank you for taking the time to visit the site and get in contact with me.

I was actually born in the US and moved to Israel when I was six weeks old, and yes that is weeks not months or years, weeks.

I am going to assume that living in Israel is very much like living in any other place that one would call home, exactly that it is home.  I personally love the weather and the fact that you can travel about an hour or two in any direction inside of Israel and be in a different climate and terrain.  When I compare Israel to the time I spent living in the States, I have also lived in the States for an extended period of time not just the first six weeks of my life, I enjoy the way of life here much more.  There is a more casual feel to everything and life is just a little bit slower moving than it felt in the States.

I am the oldest of three boys and I have a gigantic extended family that is very close.  I do not know what else to tell you about my family.

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