Adoniah, USA

October 27, 2011

Shalom Ami, I served in the US Navy for 4 years in Rota Spain. I traveled all over Europe and N.Africa, but never made it to Israel. I too love camping and I used to run marathons…I broke my back which put a stop to that. I jumped out of airplanes too…we do things in our youth that we learn to stop and think about when we get older…I think now. I am still an expert marksman though. I am a carpenter and painter by trade. I love wood and do high relief wood carvings. You look younger than my daughter. It is sad to see the youth of the world fighting wars. My daughter just went into the US Army against my wishes. America fights wars for oil, while you are fighting for you lives and the land of HaShem.

 When you enlist, how long is it for? Do you get a retirement when you get older like here in the states?

Are you a second generation Israeli?

Now that I have written your name, you will always be in my prayers. I am a religious Jew, are you?




First of all I’d like to say, lots of respect! And now for your questions…

The length of enlistment in the IDF varies depending on age, sex etc. The classic service is 3 years for men and 2 years for women. The length can go down depending on your age….As for retirement – again it depends. If you do no more than your mandatory service, than you a recieve a one time package upon your discharge, and then are given another sum (based on the length of your service and the job you did), which can be used for certain things (such as starting a business, buying a car etc) within 5 years after your service. If you serve longer than yes, there are retirement packages. I believe that combat officers are up for retirement at the age of 45….

I moved to Israel on my own 5 years ago, and have been ‘on my own’ ever since. I hope I will be the first of many generations in Israel, all of that is in Gods hands.

I don’t know what other Jews would call me, but I consider myself traditional. I have a connection with God on my own personal level and I have a lot of respect for the history and culture of Judaism. There are things I practise, there are others that I don’t, and my relationship with God and Judaism will be forever a journey along which it will change and mature….

Thank you for your questions, keep writing!


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Thank you!

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