Palestine, Jordan

October 31, 2011

I’m a beautiful young lady, my name is Palestine. I have 4 kids, their names are Nakba born in 1948 ,Naksa born in 1967, Intifada born in 1987 & Thawra born in 2000. I’m an orphan. My dad’s name is Arab, he repudiated me since little. My mom’s name is El Sham. I have 23 brothers. None of them visits me or knows me, my oldest brother named IRAQ died in 2003. My goal is simple which is to be free. After my brother died,i am left alone and no 1 visits me fearing my dad’s wife (American government) Now,i only have GOD.

Pray for me please

Dear Palestine,

I am also a beautiful ancient lady though my current face appears young to the world. My name is israel and I also have four children, the war of independence in 1948, the six-day war in 1967, the first intifada in 1987 and the second in 2000. Many of my children have been orphaned. My father’s name is Jew and there are heated domestic arguments every day about how to live life morally in the face of anger and global scorn. The world refuses to accept me for who I am and the goals for which I stand – chiefly to be an Island of democracy and peace in the Middle East. I have lived painfully through years and years of violence at the hands of my Cousins who refuse to acknowledge my legitimate and humane right to be a refuge for my people. Though my appeals for peace and goodwill are often replied with indiscrimate attacks on innocent civilians, the world scorns me for attempting to defend them.

Pray for me please.

I understand your pain, there are two sides to every story….Work together with me to end the misunderstandings!


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