Michal, USA

November 2, 2011

What kind of experience did you have as a madricha (Female Commander)? 

Is it competitive to become a madricha ? physically and mentally?

What would you chose to do if you could do it over. Ilana said Oketz I was just wondering . Toda raba : )


Hello Michal,

Congratulations on making Aliyah and joining Garin Tzabar! I personally loved Garin Tzabar and kibbutz life.

I was a ‘madrichat klia’ or ‘yeri’ on a base that primarily dealt with miluim (reserve) soliders. I mainly taught about rifles. Most of the other girls who did the course which prepares you to be an instructor on my base also taught about other weapons in addition to rifles.

At first I was disappointed with the base that I was assigned to, but I got used to it. Most of the other girls from my course were put on bases with combat soldiers who are in their regular service. A combat base was my first choice, but I got used to my base.

All of the Garin Tzabar girls who wanted to be madrichot on weapons, tanks, or ammunition, did ‘miunim’ (entrance exam interviews and group exercises) together and almost everyone got in. The course itself is not too physically demanding. We never walked further than 10 kilometer or ran more than 2 kilometer. The course can be challenging mentally, especially if your Hebrew is not up to par, as you have to learn about weapons and prepare and give lessons about them. For me the hardest part was being so tired while doing all of the above.

I originally did want to be in Oketz but my profile was not high enough. Later when I was already in the army I heard about the possibility to work with dogs on other bases, but it was too late.

Thank you for your questions and good luck!



Hi Lilit, Thank you for answering my questions. I really appreciate it I had a few more if that is ok. I was thinking about Oketz but I am an only child and my parents do not support me going to the IDF and will not sign the permission since i am an only child to be kravi. can you tell me about some other units that also deal with training dogs? 

Were you also in Garin Tzabar what was your experience with that like?

Hi Michal,

Yes I was also in Garin Tzabar and I loved it. I was lucky enough to be in a garin with a great group of kids, a great kibbutz, and a great adopted family. Yet living on a kibbutz in a garin is not for everyone, some people are just city folk.

The other base that I went to once that had dogs was an air force base (I do not remember which one). Sorry that I do not remember more details, hopefully someone in Garin Tzabar will know more or can refer you to someone who knows more.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.




Thank you!

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