Zen, Jordan

November 13, 2011

I am a fourth year university student. I am interested in particular topics that fall under behavioral psychology. 

What got you to be where you are now? For example, what got you to be a soldier in specific?

  If you were to be able to change something major in how the world is functioning around you and me, how would you do it?

What do you hope to accomplish through answering my questions? 


Hello Zen!

When I was a junior in high school I spent a semester abroad in Israel and fell in love with it. After returning to the States I knew that I wanted to go back to Israel. After high school I went back to Israel and decided to stay. Since army service is a requirement, I became a soldier.

If I was able to change something major in the world, I would create profitable livelihoods for poachers so that they would no longer kill animals.

Through answering your questions I hope to help you and others around the world realize that Israelis, soldiers and civilians, are people too.

Thank you for your questions.



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Thank you!

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