Mimogree, Egypt

November 22, 2011

I do not hate you , but I hate horror published by israeil. Do you love it? 

Hello Mimogree,

I am glad that you do not hate me, I don’t hate you either. Hate can be a very dangerous and counterproductive feeling to harbor. That said, I am not entirely sure what you mean by ‘horror published by Israel.’ Do you mean Israeli media? If so, than I’d be interested to know specifically which newspaper, radio/tv station you are referring to. In Israel, the media is often split from right to left and depending on which station you listen to, you can get very differing opinions and views on the political situation in the Middle East. In general, I’ve personally seen that media is usually inaccurate or at least portrays events in a particular light, suiting the source’s political leanings. Sadly, many people are uneducated enough to realize that not everything in the news should be taken to be the complete truth. If you have read information from an Israeli source that you have found to be inaccurate or an editorial that you did not agree with, than I can understand your dissatisfaction. I would suggest looking around for a news source that you trust and relate to…

Good luck!



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