Mohamad, Saudi Arabia

November 27, 2011

I am lebanese and live in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Why did israel kill palestinians ?? and why it made that war in lebanon in 2006 ?

Hey Mohamad,

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a major issue in the middle east for years.We are now in a state of great tension between the two nations.  Palestinians harm Israelis and Israelis retaliate with force. As an Israeli citizen and a former IDF soldier I think that we have one goal, to keep the state secure and civilians safe. Israel, as a state, do not act violently in order to harm Palestinians. But since there are constant attempts by certain sectors in the Palestinian side to harm Israeli citizens, in a verity of violence acts, sometimes counter means should be taken in order to prevent those attempts from succeeding. Including measures that end up endangering palestinian lives such as military actions. Needless to say that it is unfortunate and it saddens us to witness any lose of  live Israeli or Palestinian.

Until both nations reach an agreement or understanding I want Israelis to be able to maintain a normal life and not fear for their safety   . The Israeli people should be able to feel safe in this country, not worrying about rockets hitting them while walking the streets or a suicide bomber exploding while having dinner in a restaurant. And therefor, any military activity that will help in prevent this acts is a necessity .

That is the clearest reason I see for the starting of the war in Lebanon in 2006, the attack on israel included the kidnapping of two soldiers (Elad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser), as well as ongoing rockets attacks  by Hizballah into the northern part of Israel.

Imagine rockets would be fired at your house every day, would you be able to continue with your everyday routine and maintain a normal life? I don’t think you would. That is exactly what Israelis in the southern and northern borders of this country go through every day. Also, lets say you were living in a territory that was under attack, would you want your government to stand by and do nothing? or would you want them to act  so that the attacks will cease and you and your family can be safe?. The war in Lebanon cost both sides great loses but it also helped the population in northern Israel restore their daily normal life, and if you ask me also their fundamental right, to feel safe.

I sometimes cannot believe that I have gotten used to the reality we have to face in this region, and wish that Israelis and Palestinians will eventually reach the necessary agreements and make the unavoidable sacrifices so we can learn to live side by side.


Thank you!

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