Hazem, Egypt

December 7, 2011

I love talking and make new friend from all type.

Are u happy about what happen in ur army?

If u have 1 wish to become true what it gone be?

What u not like in ur army?


1. I’m happy about a few things that happened during my service in the army: I got to know places in Israel that I never heard of, I proved to myself that I can do things I never dreamt of (like climbing Mount Hermon, the highest mountain is Israel. It took me only 27 hours!), and I learned a lot about Israelis, Palestinians and the complicated situation between these two nations.

But most of all, I’m glad and thankful that I got to meet new people who became a part of my team and my unit, and are now my best friends.

2. I have to be sophisticated and I’m not going to wish for world peace or anything like that: If I had a wish I’d wish for all the wishes I can get.

3. I didn’t like many things in the army. It was a hard and long period, with a lot of sweat and not a lot of showers. But most of all, I suffered from the fact that I got to go home and see my family and friends only once every 2-3 weeks.


What about what happen in palestinians how u see it ?

I think the situation in Israel and Palestine must change. I truly hope the occupation will cease and that the Palestinians can get their own state and live peacefully side by side with Israel.

The question is how do you achieve that. Most Israelis believe that the only way to achieve peace with the Palestinians is to withdraw from the occupied territories. The main problem we are dealing with is how to withdraw, and how much to withdraw, in order to achieve a true peace. At the same time, extremist from the right-wing are doing all they can – politically and sometimes violently – in order to delay the evacuation of settlers from behind 67 lines. That, in my eyes, is a big problem that Israel is trying to deal with, unsuccessfully, for many years. On the far left wing, Israelis believe that we should withdraw unilaterally from the occupied territories. The problem is that we tried that once, in Gaza, and it didn’t work so well.

I believe that withdrawing has to be made by cooperation and negotiation, in order to achieve not only peace but also security, for both sides. In the past years Israeli governments have been negotiating with the Palestinians. Unfortunately, on the line were too many issues that couldn’t be solved – Jerusalem, Borders, Security, Refugees etc. I think both sides should be blamed for these failed negotiations. I hope in the near future the negotiations will be restarted, and maybe this time we will be able to achieve an agreement that will end the occupation.


Itay tell me about urself can u ? or not allow?

Of course I can tell you about myself, but only if you tell me about yourself. Deal?

I’m 30 years old, recently married. I work at a local newspaper in Tel Aviv, where I live. I like writing and music very much, so other than the newspaper and this site I also write to an internet site that covers music in Tel Aviv. Every once in a while I get a CD or go to a show, and then I write my opinion about it. I also DJ at a club near my house call “Dizzy”.

My wife Maayan is studying for her masters degree in middle eastern studies, and she is the most beautiful woman alive. I have a younger sister, Tamar, she’s a professional dancer and also lives in Tel Aviv.

I have a few friends from back home that live in the area, and we get together once in a while, go out drinking or watch a soccer match on TV. When ever I get a chance I go travelling. I just returned a few weeks ago from Amsterdam, great city!

What about you?



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