Hyder, USA

December 1, 2011

هل اسرائيل بمعزل عن الازمه الماليه العالميه………


وهل ان اسرائيل ستكون بمناى عن عن المواجهه المحتمله بين امريكا والغرب من جهه وايران من جهه


I had a hard time translating your questions (my dear wife helped me with it), and I hope I was successful. From what I understand, you asked if Israel is affected by the world wide economical crisis, and will Israel take advantage of the conflict between the United States and the “West” to Iran.

Well, as for the economical crisis, I’ll try answering even though my understanding in economics is approximately zero.

Israel was affected by the economical crisis mildly. Unlike countries like Spain and Greece, we weren’t forced to make large reforms in order to save our economy. But the crisis did severely harm the Israeli stock market, which is very influenced by Wall Street, and led to large and unaccountable debts by major players in the Israeli economy.

The economical crisis was largely accountable for the rise of the Israeli Social Movement, which made many citizens flood the streets (much like happened in Tahrir square) in protests that demanded an economical and social change, and called for preferring Left-Wing Social government policy over Right-Wing Capitalist government policy. Some of the protesters demands were answered by the government.

One of the Social Movement’s biggest accomplishments was the turning of one of Tel Aviv’s central streets to a city of tents. This “city”, which drew large amounts of crowds, lasted for 3 months and became an arena for the changing of ideas, and a home for political, economical and social debates and gatherings.

This idea of city of tents was partly copied by the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and other Social movements around the world.

As for your second question, I don’t quite understand what you mean by “taking advantage”, or maybe my translation was wrong. Anyway, Israel is a major part of the conflict between the United States and the “West” to Iran, because the Iranian regime has declared many times that Israel has no right to exist, and in the meanwhile sent it’s mercenaries  Hamas and Hizballah weapons and missiles that were used against Israel.

The main conflict between the “West” and Iran is about nuclear weapons. Israel has stated that it will not put up with a nuclear Iran.

I hoped I answered your questions,


Thank you!

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