Baker, West Bank

December 19, 2011


Why the Palestinians in the work called a terrorist against the israel 

Huh what reason and the need to launch a rocket from Gaza into Israel

Why does Israel swallow land in Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement on the grounds do you have the right Is it logical to attack herds Almsotunain poor farmers who are looking for a living in Hebron and Nablus, the army under the protection of THANK U .


Palestinian violence against Israelis is considered terrorism because their attacks indiscriminately target Israeli civilians when they launch their attacks against the State of Israel. They launch rockets at schools, playgrounds, and supermarkets and show no mercy in their attempts to inflict casualties against men, women and children who are not involved in this conflict. Their rockets do not distinguish between Jews, Muslims and Christians – everyone is a target. On the other hand, Israel does her utmost to ensure that civilian deaths are kept to a minimum – although they certainly do occur, and expresses regret and launches investigations whenever these incidents happen.

As for your second question, I’m not exactly sure I understand what you asked. Could you please clarify exactly what you mean?

Israelis and Palestinians should be able to live side by side in freedom and security, under their own sovereignty and free from the threat of terrorism and violence against one another. I believe in this idea, and I believe many Palestinians do as well. However, as for Israel’s presence in the West Bank, you should know while the army is not perfect, the government dismantles many outposts and settlements quite frequently, causing violence against the IDF by Israeli Jews who don’t agree with the military’s right to engage in such actions. Furthermore, the same Israeli soldiers you are speaking about also protect both settlers and Palestinians in many areas, and are subject to the wrath of the very same settlers for doing so.

Farmers and workers in Palestinian villages should not be subjected to ill treatment or violence at the hands of the IDF. Granted, it definitely happens, but the circumstances of such incidents are unusual and they are certainly not commonplace, and by all means are considered illegal under Israeli and military law if they aren’t justified. The same villagers you speak about also harass and incite soldiers into reacting violently. Most often, these incidents are blown out of proportion by the media, to the detriment of both peoples, and accidents absolutely occur as well.

Overall, we both need to begin to respect one another and get back to the negotiation table so we can solve this conflict through peaceful means, not violence. We both deserve our own state, and we must work diligently to ensure that the hatred between our peoples is cast away into the pages of history, while opening up a new chapter of peace, prosperity and security for our two nations.


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