December 19, 2011

I will be Egyptian soldier soon 

You enjoying your job as killers ?

How many people you kill daily ?

Will this stay for a long time ?


I was not in a combat position during my service and so i was never in any position of fighting or harming human lives. Still, the IDF propose is not to kill people, but to protect the Israeli state and keep its citizens safe from those trying to harm them.

I believe that when you join the Egyptian army you will realize that things are not just black or white, reality is more complicated, especially the reality in the middle east. As far as i see it, in times of war everybody lose in some way its never a positive thing. I served in the military and believe with all my heart in Israel’s right to defend itself, but also believe in the need for compromising and hope for peace. Hate is never a solution, it only deepens the conflict.


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