Joseph, Egypt

December 19, 2011

Dear Ami,

I am male, 22 years old. Mechanical Engineering graduate. Proficient in English, speaks some German. Coptic Christian.

Your description says you served in Cast Lead. I would like to know how you were able to keep it strictly professional. As a Christian, being persecuted by terrorists is a fundamental part of my life, and I doubt that I could keep my emotions repressed when looking down a scope… How could you keep your composure? And can you help me do the same? Thanks.

Sincerely Joseph Salib

Dear Joseph,

If you feel that you are being persecuted for your religion, then I am truly sorry to hear that, and I can understand your anger. However, it is important to control this anger. While emotions may run high, at the end of the day having a weapon and being in an army is both an honor and a responsibility.

One of the main things you learn in the army is to be a professional. So if there is action going on, you focus on doing your job and protecting your friends, rather than on hurting people. Though this may sound strange, I am a pacifist in my heart and find the conflict a burden. That said, I would suggest trying your best to be professional, to try and understand that there is a story on both sides on an issue and to keep anger and emotions to a minimum as difficult as it may be.

best of luck,


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