Rasha, Jordan

December 19, 2011

I am rasha from jordan my religion is islam i am proud becuase i am islamic girl i hate killing because it’s forbidden in my great religion so i hate any country which support the killing as Israel . 

What is your opinion about Islam?

Why does the israel solider kill Palestinian women and children ? (Are this the The teachings of your religion) 

Hello Rasha,

Thank you for your questions.  I hate killing also.  I have never killed anyone.

I think Islam is a religion with a rich culture and history, an interesting text and some good ideas for basic human values.  I think many people believe Islam to be a religion of war, but I am not one of these people.  In Israel, people generally fear Islam because of the conflict here.  Israelis and Jews think that Arabs and Muslims hate them, and that Arabs and Muslims want to see Israelis and Jews perish.  I am lucky enough to have gotten to know some Muslims, and I am friends with them.

My religion teaches me that killing is wrong.  Israeli soldiers do not target Palestinian women and children.  If they do then they are monsters, and are going against the teachings of Judaism.

What does Islam teach you about Jews?  Do you see a difference between Israelis and Jews?


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Thank you!

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