Sardar, Iraq

December 19, 2011

I in kurdistan

You are descendants of apes and pigs will not be saved from the brutality of your work (and the killing of innocent children, women and elderly), but did not Tkovn for this brutal and you are guiding to fight face to face with the Mujahideen? Atkhavon of death?

Later this mother and your homeland? Who Amtketm? Agheratem history? Or Anken Atjadon to read and not your history? Is this how you would do unto the weak?

How long to continue for the murder of a nation and a weak Mazlh Ghazh?…..

Hello Sardar,

First of all, my ancestors are human beings.

I have not killed anyone. I never want to kill anyone.

I do not stand in the way of any Muslim following his own path, so long as that path doesn’t involve killing my people.

Thank you for your questions.


Thank you!

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