Diego, Argentina

December 29, 2011

Hi! Before asking I’d like to thank you all for the time you take answering these questions, they’re very helpful!

I’m about to become an ole jadash and therefore it’s most important for me to learn as much as I can about the tzva (IDF), tironut, and more.

Ok, what I’d love to know is how did you manage to choose being a combatant soldier and leaving your family at home, I mean, It can’t be easy!

Hi Diego

First of all, congratulations on your decision to make Aliyah… I hope it’s as positive an experience for you as it was for me and many of my friends.

In regards to leaving my family at home… you’re right, it isn’t an easy decision to make and it definitely isn’t easy being away from them for so long. I suppose each person’s situation is unique..  luckily I have a large extended family here in Israel so I’ve been able to maintain a good family environment here. However, I know that’s not the case for many lone soldiers who serve in the IDF. Fortunately there are many organizations (including the IDF itself) who dedicate a tremendous amount of time, effort, and funds in making sure you’ll never feel alone here. Also, being far from home isn’t what it once used to be…   I speak with my father several times a week on Skype which while not as good as being there in person, still  offers a sense of proximity. I hope your Aliyah and enlistment process goes smoothly and you’re able to accomplish your goals here.

With Friendship,


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