Colette, South Africa

February 15, 2012


I am a South African woman with an extreme love for the nation and people of Israel.
After some time of waiting I am now finally realising my dream to volunteer for Sar-El. This is my way of showing my love for Israel in a practical way. Can you tell me a little about life in the IDF? I am not sure if you were ever in contact with volunteers of this nature?


Dear Colette,

First, I would like to congratulate you on your decision, It would be a meaningful experience no matter what you get to do.
During my service I didn’t meet any Sar-El volunteers, but I do know someone who’s done it, and really enjoyed it.
Your question about general life in the IDF is a bit broad for me. It all depends on where you’re stationed and what job you do. I’ll be happy to tell you more, if you feel like writing more exact questions. bear in mind, though,  that my army job wasn’t really ‘militaristic’, so my actual army life experience was limited.

All the best,


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