Carl, UK

March 7, 2012

Hi there,

I am a Trainee journalist from the united kingdom. My interests include: Reading, writing, Socialising, visiting places of interest. I enjoy training in Krav Maga, and i love nature and good cooking.

I understand Israel has always used conscripts to strengthen their regular Armed forces. What i want to know is: How old are you when you get your call up papers & Can you serve in a department of your choice, for example; You are better equipped to work in a clerical capacity due to civilian qualifications or you maybe more suited to driving a tank (due to your mental disposition) and volunteer for that instead. How do the Israeli defense force select the personnel for the positions they require?

How long do you serve in the IDF, and after your engagement can you sign up for continued service?

Do women get the same respect in the IDF as the men do, or is it a case of men get all the best details?

Dear Carl,

Young people (at around the age of 17) receive summons for medical and psychological examinations, a year before their recruitment to the army.

During this year everyone pass different classification tests that determine their individual qualities. Depends on their results they get a list of possible positions that are compatible with their results; from this list they are able to state their preferences. Still, the army’s ‘needs’ is what determines where you will end up during your service. Meaning, that from my experience and knowledge, your preferences are looked at and in most cases are taken into consideration but not in all. Almost all positions are open for women (exceptions with significant physical difficulties, including most combat units).

Skills acquired prior military service can of course help reaching professional roles.

The results of your initial test are usually what define your options in special units, air force pilots, commando divers and others. Training time and capabilities vary amongst the different units and positions.

Woman serve 24 months and man 36 months, special units require extra 1-4 years of service. Officers and some professional roles can sign up for continued service depends on their success and performance.

Generally, Women and men have equal rights and duties in the army, in recent years women were able to successfully penetrate the roles that were exclusively male (pilots, naval commander etc.) however, male ratio in combat positions is much higher, since they are physically more capable. there are many great positions for women and many opportunities for them to develop an actual career in the IDF.


Thank you!

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