John, USA

March 12, 2012

I am a US Army vet and a truck driver

Did you know that many us military vets would go to Israel to fight with them if ever asked?

Would Israel ever ask for help from individuals in the US that were willing to come fight for Israel.

How would someone go about contacting they Israeli military from here in the US if they were interested in joining and do they have tpo be Israeli? PS Our president may not stand up for you but our people do and always will!!!

Hey John!

Thanks for the message and the kind words, it’s refreshing to hear your supporting message amid all the repetitive rhetoric and usual maligning. I have numerous friends that have served in the Marines, Navy, Air Force, and another currently in the Army’s 82nd Airborne.I myself am registered with the selective service. In response to your first question, I never really thought about it too much but I suppose I could understand why vets would offer to lend a hand, as both the US and Israel stand for similar values. That being said, its certainly touching to hear and should not be taken for granted. I don’t think Israel would ever call up for individual help in the form of personal drafts into the IDF as it may constitute a conflict of interest and probably wouldn’t fair too well diplomatically, however I know that the US Armed Forces and the IDF hold several joint training exercises annually as a means to improve battlefield coordination and communication in the event US and Israel forces are forced to fight side by side. As far as contacting the IDF, there are a few organizations which deal with the absorption of foreign volunteers into the IDF but there are many factors to consider. Voluntary service in the IDF would constitute at least two years of mandatory service and it is generally difficult for volunteers over the age of 26 to be accepted however there are always exceptions. I can provide you with more details if this a serious consideration of yours. I hope we can reach a point in my lifetime where drafts and deployments become a thing of the past. Regardless, its always nice to hear that there are people out there that can identify with us and don’t hold us to double standards when we’re only trying to defend ourselves.



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