Dudley, South Africa

March 15, 2012

I am Dudley, I have travelled to Israel 3 times,since. 1990,my first trip I worked on Kibbutz Ein hahoresh,near Hadera, married and I was born in a Christian family in South Africa,my mother from England,my father a Afrikaner. I am 41 Years old

Do you see a future for yourself in a modern Israel, when the 2 State solution arises?

Hey Dudley,

I’ll start by simply saying yes, I see a future for myself in a two state solution.

Having said so, I still have to say that I am unsure if I will live to see the day. As an Israeli I have learned to be a bit skeptical, there is this phrase that mothers always say to their sons “by the time you grow up, we wont need an army”

But for now sadly we still need it.  Israel’s existence is under a constant treat and we need to defend ourselves. Meaning that wanting peace (as the main goal to achieve) is great, but that will require serious compromises from both sides.  And today there don’t seem to be much discussions or willingness to get back to actual peace negotiations.

Hopefully one day (sooner than later) the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end and we reach true peace and will be able to safely coexist, a Jewish state along side a Palestinian one. For now, the refusal of the Palestinian side to acknowledge a Jewish state is quite a big obstacle and gives no true way for peace talks.

Israelis and Palestinians should be able to live side-by-side in freedom and security, under their own sovereignty and free from the threat of terrorism and violence against one another. That is the kind of peace i want to live in and the kind of peace want my future children to live in.


Thank you!

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