Kevin, USA

April 3, 2012

Hello Avi, Shalom…

my name is Kevin and I live in Denver, Colorado in the United States. I am a Christian who believes Israel has a right to defend their homeland against the evil of islamic terrorism. I simply love Israel and her people. My hobby is learning more about Israel and her wonderful people. You are one of them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please tell me a little bit more about yourself. What are you hobbies? Do you like sports? Are you married or single?

How do view America? Have you ever been to the United States?

Do you believe Israel should attack Iran?

Hi Kevin, thanks for the interest and the kind words.

I’m a current reservist in the IDF (as are most, if not all the soldiers on this site) who served a voluntary two years in the IDF. I’m now twenty-six years of age and currently working on a BA in International Relations and Security studies. My hobbies include going out with friends, cooking, and traveling around Israel. I’m not a huge fan of competitive sports but I love outdoor sports such as mountain biking, hiking, surfing, and rock climbing. I am not married but I do have a girlfriend of three years. In response to your second question, I was born in Israel but I was raised in California where I lived for nearly twenty years. That being said, I feel just as much American as I do Israeli and I highly regard both countries. You should come visit here sometime, there’s tons to see and do here!

Lastly, the million dollar question, should Israel attack Iran? My short answer is no. I think that while Israel is undoubtedly threatened by a nuclear Iran, it is not the only country which stands to lose if Iran goes nuclear and therefore shouldn’t be the only country to shoulder the burden. Both Israeli and American senior intelligence officials have voiced their doubts that Israel posseses the means necessary to conduct a successful attack and I tend to believe the intelligence community over the politicians who have their own political agendas. I think that a failed state such as Pakistan which posseses hundreds of nuclear weapons and isn’t always transparent with the West is a much more likely source of nuclear terrorism than Iran. Having said that, I believe the US will become involved in Iran soon enough as it cannot allow the Ayatollahs to destabilize an already volatile region further as well as threaten Saudi Oil which is vital to American economic stabilitiy. As such, Israel should wait it out and only launch an attack if it is a joint one. Thats just my opinion though, what is yours?

Take care,


Right on Avi…

thank you for your speedy response.  I appreciate you service in IDF, my hero.  I have been to California many times.  In fact, my brother lives in San Diego.  I was there this past Fall and will be returning in July.  I love California.  Nice weather all the time.  In Colorado, Winters are long and Summers are short.  Do you visit Israel often?  It is my dream to visit Israel one day.  How was the experience serving in IDF?

In response to your response about if Israel should strike Iran, well I think it is only a matter of time before something big happens.  I would like to see Iran’s nukes destroyed, but I agree with you.  I hope the United States is involved.  You can’t count on Obama in my opinion, but let’s see what happens.  Rumor has it that Obama assured Netanyahu that a joint strike could happen, but not until after the election.  Who knows if that is true.  It brings me to tears when I see bombs fired into Israel and civilians being killed from the monsters in Gaza.  Israel should of never given up Gaza.  But I understand Israel’s position of doing so in hopes for peace.  We know that land for peace never works with the Palestinians.

Are you a devout Jew?  I have so many friends on facebook who are from Israel and I absolutely love them.  So full of life and live it to the fullest.  If you don’t mind Avi send me some pics of yourself and family.  It’s nice to see who you are talking to.  I will send some also!!  Please keep in touch with me.  If you are ever in Colorado, please let me know.  Peace be with you my friend and I look forward to
hearing from you!!

Thanks You,

Kevin Herrera

Hey Kevin,

Sorry for the delayed response… exams have been killing me lately.

Say hi to San Diego for me, I love it there… I used to live about 90 min North of there in Orange County. Israel actually has a very similar climate to Southern California… sunshine for about 300 days a year… albeit more humid than California during the summer. If you love California then you’ll love Israel. Colorado is actually a place I’d really like to visit… I’m an outdoors lover so I imagine I’d enjoy it. You asked if I visit Israel often, well.. like most of the soldiers on this site,I live here (since 2007) so I guess you can say I’m here often =)

My experience in the IDF was a constructive one. I drafted without any expectations and I feel like it was the right attitude as it helped me through the trying times. All the good times were just added bonuses. I feel like the experience and the exposure to new things, places, and sights shaped me into a better and more well-rounded individual. When my civilian life gets too hectic and stressful it sometimes makes me miss the army life where you don’t have to worry about rent, food, school, exams, and setting an alarm clock in the morning (your commanders will see to it that you don’t sleep in 😉 )

On Iran, my personal view is that war at this stage is not the right move. Then again, I don’t have access to all of the intelligence briefings and there are probably many things the policy makers know, that you and I don’t. Let’s hope that we’ve elected the right people to make the right decisions. I can tell you that Israelis are largely indifferent on Iranians. We don’t love them. We don’t hate them. We don’t know them. Their regime has closed them off from the Western world and it’s a real shame in my opinion because they’re a people with a rich history and can contribute much to the world if given the chance. I would hate to see them get bombed by anyone because of their lunatic government, however I would much rather less have my friends and relatives here in Israel bombed by the Ayatollahs. When push comes to shove.. you’ve gotta take care of yourself first.

On religion. Personally, I was raised Jewish and my family is Jewish, but I am an outspoken atheist. I think religion can be good for some people in moderation and definitely has some positive attributes, but it is ultimately not for me. I celebrate the holidays out of respect for tradition and my family, but I remain unconvinced on the Torah itself. I think Judaism has many interesting attributes and I like the idea that going good deeds “mitzvot” are a core element of the religion. Israelis are actually very friendly. Though straightforward and often loud, they genuinely have good intentions and will bend over backwards for anyone in need.

Again, sorry for the delay. Hope all is well in Colorado! I’d love to hit up the mountain bike trails there and in Moab Utah some day.

With Friendship,


Thank you!

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